Deviations from the norm

written by David Bersson

Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall die.
Quote or Prophecy by Imhotep, High Priest of the city of Lunu

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

In the past of human history a new ideology, or a greedy conquerer, or a convenient creed, or even an ambitious dogma created deletions on both sides of the war where any progress with human civilizations was eradicated. Clearly, neither side won the ancient wars in the long run and although humanity survived we lost the progress and knowledge.

When I write of human history I can only write of what has been written. We remind the reader that science discovered we are a species 300,000 years old. This leaves us with the meager and pathetic absence of 290,000 years of human history.

Therefore in an attempt to analyze the historical reiteration of such an error I will firstly study the concept of deviations of the norm in society and give an example of it to see how not approaching the issue will create the destruction of world civilizations if not dealt with properly.

I tell someone that with our New Aeon metaphysics we tolerate deviations of all kinds not interfering with them as stars upon their course to discover their true will. Naturally, all sorts of debates are possible with such an advanced perception of social relation. The logic in rebuttal is that those deviations upset the conservative mentality whose mind set considers such outrages in civilized behavior to be different permit the invasion of contradictory values or creeds.

This logic has flaws, of course, depending on how you would define outrages in civilized behavior. For example, let us use the example of the decadent freethinker from the French Rivera being placed in the city of Boston. Assuming that she wouldn't be deported before her attempt to citizenship we have any number of issues that upset the apple cart of both the liberals and the conservative mind set in Boston.

For example, this hypothetical woman from the French Rivera is used to her freedom to go about the business of her life style even encouraged by other freethinkers in her geography.

Alone with a philosophy of freedom she can no longer be the person she is in Boston without arousing the suspicion that is normal in a geography that yet has arisen to the greater freedom of the French Rivera. Unless she veils the shrine of her activities she can expect all sorts of persecution from those around her who would misinterpret her motivations as contradictory both socially and politically to the principles of this new and strange geography that she has immigrated to.

I remind the reader that I am writing hypothetically and other examples might be more appropriate to those who have other deviations that are a tendency toward New Aeon perceptions. It is another example entirely for instance if a gay person moves from the Island of Lazpa to the seacoast of North America and her example would give the same principle from another perspective.

How would this woman from the French Rivera be viewed with her lifestyle of free love? Clearly, the Boston women consider her a cheap whore who gives herself to anyone without any consideration for what they consider the sacrament of marriage. Her sense of personal freedom with drugs is considered to be a deviation from civilized and normal behavior socially that she is suspected of every conceivable crime that is connected with gangs and gangsters. Clearly, this horrid and immoral woman is viewed by the Boston police as a trouble maker and possibly connected with organized crime. She must be an alcoholic, after all, she has a fully stocked bar in her living room which includes hard liquor.

I see. The whore of Babalon has moved into Boston and social relations are beginning to deteriorate from her clearly immoral behavior. She is the wrench in the machinery of conservative and even liberal thinkers whose decadence is of a caliber that deprives her of the social acceptance of both feminists and female politicians of any party. The female politicians observe her carefully trying to think up new laws that might stifle her so their delusions of what freedom is in their geography might be appeased. The male politicians fantasize about her.

My point to make such an example is to observe how more than one example of a deviation from the social norm is always shown intolerance from that paranoia and fear of change. A healthy society will tolerate deviations. A restricted society means persecution until they discern who the enemy really is.

The females in Boston do not like this freethinker from the French Rivera. They note their upbringing and see that she isn't complying with their life styles. Therefore she clearly must be alien, contrary, perverted and an intruder to the standardized creed of the geography.

Another important perspective is to note the opposite side of this coin where a foreigner from a country who has less freedom from their creed is greeted by the natives of a country whose sense of True Will is clearly more advanced.

It is without a doubt that the issue of diversity which is observed by freethinkers as the proper and sane method of tolerance does work well until one of the many cultures begins to grow in population. For example, we have a Tarot Reader moving into a neighborhood mainly inhabited by gypsy tea readers. Clearly, only one Tarot Reader will not intimidate the gypsies who hypothetically object to the blasphemous absence of tea in their divinations and might even view such a controversial stance as a dangerous perspective in the universe of fortune telling. Time passes and a multitude of Tarot Readers have moved into the neighborhood where downright paranoia and vicious rumor is occurring among the gypsy tea readers. The next thing you know a Chinese family moves into the neighborhood who practices Yi Jing and suddenly balance occurs where all three are tolerated by the three cultures of divination. We now have three cultures of divination living in greater harmony than before. People can now visit this neighborhood of diviners as a cultural experience and the balance of power is consistent with a peaceful period where no war will break out among the diviners. Clearly, the peace process of this hypothetical neighborhood of diviners will only last for so long before one faction grows out of proportion and the territory is dominated by one of the cultures. A healthy society that accepts deviations from the norm is clearly difficult for we have the age old problem of territory, cultural shock, fear of absorption and all the fears of change that exist where being used to only one culture you are naturally wary of strangers entering your neighborhood. Whether we use diviners as an example or a woman whose life style practices free love we are attempting to make the same point. That is, deviations of the norm entering into any given geography have to be viewed with the perspective of the True Will and not persecuted. All of this is important to observe without bias. We have that territorial issue of one of the cultures dominating the scenery and especially if it upsets the historical tradition or creed of the area. In such a case, war is inevitable for the balance of power has been upset. The alternative is to submit to those who intentionally or unintentionally have conquered you. Clearly, if a restricted creed has moved into the neighborhood who insists that geomancy is the sole truth of divination and all others should be destroyed we have real issues occurring and specifically if these hypothetical geomanists are extremists in their ideology of divination.

It should be apparent to those who simply fill in different scenario to every historical transition by the examples I've given how we as human beings cannot keep a civilization without it dissolving itself. Civilization after civilization after civilization has occurred in humanity's history where if you only study the past ten thousand years we see countless civilizations arising and falling. Prior to the ice age we have only bones. How many times has a civilization arisen to great progress and gone the way of ancient Egypt where we see centuries of civilization and then no one left in contemporary times. We can assume that ancient Egypt with its vast culture and Gods would have had scribes that considered their country to be immortal. Clearly, the ancient Egyptian scribe versed in his language and culture would have been horrified at the thought of what actually is today. Where the entire geography is not inhabited by his fellows but others of another culture entirely. To give a real example of how horrible this is and the reality of it mention to a Canadian that they might not exist in one thousand years and a horrified look would appear on his face. And well he should for any country that has patriotism toward their Nation would be absolutely horrified at such a statement. Yet if you look at humanity's history in the past ten thousand years it is not only possible it has occurred time and time again. Toronto is an excellent example of a Canadian city which has permitted a multitude of cultures living in numerous neighborhood. Clearly, they deserve many compliments for their tolerance and their generous habit of permitting what would be considered deviations from the norm from other Nations. Clearly, they are not going to become Nazis and murder one culture that they consider to be invaders to their wonderful city. They are a generous and tolerant people whose Government finds satisfaction in their high level of freedom.

Nevertheless, in spite of any compliments I might give to any Nation for its civilized behavior toward deviations from the norm we must simultaneously observe how such tolerance might plant seeds of destruction in that Nation over a longer period of time. Observing our known history we clearly have not as yet learned to draw the line of the border on the map what has been inevitable with regards to survival of Nations. Sociologists and archaeologists give you data and all that data is of no consequence whatsoever when you try to puzzle out whether a clear solution of survival of civilization is attempted. The politicians of all Nations past and present appease the people for a while and might very well create tolerance for a time but in the long run the entire house crumbles to dust. Noting that such and such a Nation in our distant past ruled for three thousand years and was considered advanced for that period gives us no solutions whatsoever as lesson on how to keep our modern world of Nations alive. You can clearly pinpoint entire libraries that existed in our past being burnt by an invading culture who kill the geese who lay the golden eggs where when the conquerors who invaded and destroyed everything are conquered later in history they wipe out those who had previously already done grave damage to the progress of the area. The amount of destruction in the war between Caesar and Ptolemy XIII in 48 BC e.v., confirms all our observations where the Library of Alexandria being burnt to the ground we cannot recover any progress and have to start civilization over again from square one!!

Again, looking back at our history books we must seriously consider whether it will turn out like it has in the past where they tolerate their immigrants to a point where the entire country becomes dissolved from its original structure of Government. How does Canada or any Nation really survive? The transition from polytheism to monotheism gives a motive of transition where entire Nations that existed for centuries were murdered down to the last man.

For we are not just writing about Canada but every Nation that exists today. History is showing us real dangers of survival and it all involves how we are reacting to each others culture, religion, philosophy, Government and now the level of science has become still another factor.

An example of the level of science being a factor of the deviations from the norm I give yet another scenario. Visualize stone age civilization to space age back to stone age. Clearly I am a deviation from the norm myself showing how in our distant past we yet have to preserve anything but rudimentary history and progress when you look at approximately 300,000 years of humanity's existence compared to approximately 10,000 years of recorded history. Imagine the scenario of a country advancing to space travel and traveling to a Goldilocks planet returning centuries later only to find humanity had slipped away from machines and technology altogether. Clearly, in this scenario we have those whose technology would seem extremely advanced to the deteriorated stone age nations that the space travelers meet who are both deviations from the norm to each other.

I must proclaim that the key is the True Will and to acknowledge everyone around us as stars upon their course toward that specific Great Work and purpose to be unfolded by each individual's will.

Yet even this isn't the complete picture nor solution. For their will be those who would try to arise and make you comply with their will instead of following the path of their own. No guarantees exist that those who will not tolerate what we will shall not invade us. For history has shown the dark curtain of our dismal past where this horrible habit of self destruction has occurred over and over and over again.

Now, how can we or anyone be tolerant to all deviations if some of those deviations have dogma that would destroy us? For even us who try to find such solutions of the True Will might be accused of imposing our will upon them.

Nor should the naive to perceive any aspirations to a New World Order would be in contradiction to aspirations to share the truth of the True Will into the soul of humanity. From the perspective of tolerance we have the equation of survival shared where humanity's progress is preserved by challenging the negativity of slave mentality wherein freedom is perceived as centralized for every star who move upon his or her course through the path of life where previously no purpose of life was emphasized and now the Great Work and the Path unfold. If you are truly serious about countering the tendency of those past errors of self destruction that so blatantly scream viciously in the pages of history I highly recommend a further study be made of DUTY written by the Master Therion. For to assume the duty of the True Will is to understand the paradox of tolerance.

That old paradox must be clarified where we state we tolerate all with the exception of those who do not tolerate.

Love is the law, love under will