Curious Observations

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I have already given essay some time ago after seeing a video of some young Thelemites being interviewed. This led to some insights on my estimation on who to avoid. I should, therefore, go into some detail about how important it is be absolutely frank at all times where you must never lose touch with those vital parts of self that are truly a human being and being honest with yourself. As an Instructor I really am sincere about being someone who really gives true instruction. Therefore, lets explore success; and touch upon the issues of those who I have observed first hand who simply didn’t measure up by permitting themselves to be caught up with their ego rather than to awaken true pride; and in the process became mystic beggars or deluded in their rationalizations. Since we “veil the shrine” this cannot be permitted to be about anything going on presently in the Hierarchy but curious observations that might assist the weary pilgrim.

I should lecture on those failures in the Hierarchy and how similar they are to those mystic beggars in the east where any spiritual enlightenment that they might of aspired to is without any body. So many who represent a failed path of spiritual enlightenment will have mystic beggars being a very real magical sign something has gone terribly wrong with the overall path which is conspicuously absent of self esteem, pride, initiative and inner strength. I have already explained that the martial arts in theater rarely gives the balance of the ancient wisdom. They are left with the letter without the spirit and the stupidity of endless, senseless brutality without the meditations of the path of the warrior spirit.

My persistent objections to the mystic beggars should readily be emphasized as a very real warning that such behavior does not inspire the aspirant and the implications of its deterioration in the east as a habit is discouraged as counterproductive. It should be obvious that mystic beggars whether they are in Tibet or India or places in the east are clearly inconsistent with the western esoteric path of spiritual enlightenment and magick absolutely contrary to anything we consider the sum of any real initiation or spiritual trance. A very poor example of the spiritually enlightened where the lack of self esteem and centralization shows very real counters to the type of person who has awakened their humanity where supernal exists.

You must understand something very interesting as an important perspective on how I decided it was my path to become what is “called” a Thelemite in 1972 e.v.. I am not like the others who arrived from being against Christianity. Aleister Crowley had a childhood that absolutely hindered his natural tendency for freedom and rebelled against Christianity. His biography is well known. However, I did not enter the Path being against Christianity which has created some confusion on my stand. I became what is called a Thelemite in 1972 e.v. since it was the only suit that was tailored to fit what I was in my depths and did not disagree with my true aspirations, and ambitions. You must understand that I do not disagree with Aleister Crowley’s objections to Christianity. My point is, it wasn’t rebellion, or something viciously dramatic that occurred to sway me away from any event, good or bad that brought me to the Path that I considered was right for me. I did not have a boyhood in hell where I was abused by anyone in religion. I saw my choice in much the same way as an educated Freshman would finally decide on a major as a choice of career where I discovered everything about a Thelemite resolved and awakened myself as a proper choice for my temperament. Many originally want their cake and eat it too only to change their mind later on the Path based on some ridiculous paragraph in some old book of magick that they should avoid material treasures or the magical powers. If an entity claiming to be an Angel has stated you cannot be who you are based on some morality that is contradiction to our Way then this is more than likely not an Angel at all. The perfect test of a Spirit is how it is consistent with the Law of Θελημα.

The Law of Θελημα meant I could be who I am and not commit self sacrifice with false notions of giving up the magical powers or even material wealth to show off any false showmanship of virtue. The twenty eight theorems in Magick in Theory and Practice must be studied to see what I see and for you to see what I saw; and when you see what I saw will see how absolutely glorious I saw it and yet see it. I saw what I saw and did what I did and that being done I found a byway to be Me. Why, it is only natural, of course that the Law of Θελημα with its perspective to see both the exoteric; and the esoteric; the spirit and the letter, and separate the realities from the delusions of dogma would give me clarity of sight. If you try to seesaw any one way or another on how I see it now or saw it then you would see the real growth that initiation gives perspective. I dare to state, then, you would not surely see clearly that the way I saw it years ago or how I evolved into how I see it today; and you should realize that how I see it might not be the way you see it nor would you turn out the way you turn out would be the way I turned out. Adept Exempt is where when seeing from the perspective of the initiations previously you create a school of thought. So I can see a novice Thelemite with a reality of knowing how long they must yet tread to have any insight and sight. They will begin by mimicking or repeating the Master Therion in contradistinction from what they might be if initiation occurred where they see what I see and become original. All this important to note where I do not come off as they would like to see me where their fixed perceptions are purely academic or even ruach based. Perhaps it might be curious to comment that to see how you are not seeing how I am that I am firm in the way I see that way I see even you cannot see what I see, you see. All this means that I might very well be misunderstood for any number of perspectives where I must take the trouble to explain how initiation has given it body and perspective. Also, from the perspective of the Hierophant you have the gross, the fine and the lofty where they will perceive it all from the perspective of their ordeal both when they begin the ordeal and if they pass or fail the ordeal.
Thus ye have star & star, system & system; let not one know well the other!
How the aspirant will see it from the perspective of the blind ordeal and the open ordeal should be observed. How easily misunderstood the perspective of the Instructor is where all these complexities are not observed; not to mention (I mention it nevertheless) those outside the Circle are too stupid that they see only a paragraph where volumes need to be read of experience.

Like a vision of a hostile pointing his pencil at me; and I breaking it and walking away where he is left with a broken writing utensil and I moved onward with my path so it has been over the years where many a pencil has been broken by my often times subtle rebuttal. I once emphasized all this as broken swords from my magical shield and many, many broken swords lie at my feet from any number of battles. It was all worth it; and my soul was not small. I already knew how those who failed under my Instructor would end up. Empty and without any body to their objections where none of them could take away two vital facts about my path. I was in good standing with my Instructor at the time of his death. I attained a higher Grade than they where they were failed Probationers.

I wanted to fit in with a crowd and that crowd had to be those who were involved without any contradiction with regards to both power and initiation. It has become very important for me to emphasize how the discovery of the nature and powers of the being actually means you take the magical powers and simultaneously take the initiations. I wanted to be who I was and not be swayed by any dogma that would tell me I should follow senseless rules or stupid dogma. Equally, this meant the glorious concept of the True Self was perfect to resolve the type of initiate that was also a magician. I aspired to freedom within rather than political debate. I wanted to exercise power when power was necessary without becoming a dictator.

I had a vision of the type who would give wisdom without the dictation of weak rationalizations. In a word, I was already of the breed; I needed only to find my way to those doorways where it all manifested into the reality of real initiation rather than the stage magician’s bag of tricks. As I stated prior, with a fire and raw aggressiveness that would only deteriorate into gross or criminal behavior I handled myself with self discipline with an Instructor who was able to understand how I needed to be instructed and when I needed to be disciplined. My Instructor was Marcelo Motta, (the devoted successor of Karl Germer) who being a real Master of the Temple knew magically what to do. Without his years of instruction I would either wandered away my years or ended up with a present day that I dare not even consider as a timeline. I showed the humility, and self discipline toward my Instructor and ended up in good standing right up to the day of his death. When my Instructor died I let myself arise with what I had been taught knowing that My official instruction from my Instructor was to “fight the good fight”. Since, this was the only official instruction on what to do after his death I simply took over since to achieve this Holy Task I had to be the Instructor. No one in the actual Order that was in good standing opposed Me. There were some who were considered insane at the time of my Instructors death, expelled, resigned or cut with but they were all too weak and stupid to be any real issue. Worthless rotting little corpses pissing away their lives with any number of stupid delusions and rationalizations hardly worth a moment of note. It is a waste of time to name any of them for the majority of them are either dead or insane or both.

I will live years beyond the day of when they die in their pathetic misery for their foolish presumptions and stupid arrogance. For I have a few secrets and many, many, surprises ahead while they being already spiritually dead I simply anticipate the joy I shall feel when they finally arrive to the grade of corpse in death even as they have proved themselves unworthy to meet the discipline of their Oaths and Tasks. How pleasant it is to hear of it when one of them dies in their misery! They were all little use alive when they betrayed their Instructor. As dogs they lived and as dogs they die. They did not understand that humility toward Hierarchy means self discipline that opens the secret doorways to the initiations. Yet, if you continue with the same humility after the Instructor instead of taking a stand you are little more than a liar and a fool or in some cases an outright traitor. For eventually the disciple must arise to what he or she has been taught and continue the work into the present and the future. Yet, those who betrayed their Instructor who were a bad student when they were supposed to show humility are stuck in the mud of where they left off where no real initiations occur for them. Humility or “eating humble pie” as they name it the old south is very important when you are heeding your Instructor in a very real Hierarchy. It has its vital place with training but the caveat is that you must eventually arise and take a stand. If you do not, initiation has not occurred or you have failed. Success is your proof, courage is your armour.

All this is very important to know about to comprehend how I observe the mystic beggars in the east, and what My school of thought as an initiate is all about where I attempt to share my really true aspirations to be a very real initiator and instructor. I did state in another essay that my breed has a place where previously those like me might of had no crowd nor school of mystical philosophy where centralization and self esteem is emphasized where the Law of Θελημα is not only what fits me but assists what was becoming overly dormant for humanity as a whole which might of meant human extinction. I am convinced personally that the Law of Θελημα has all the solutions but I leave it up to those who see what I see to determine such a bold proclamation. Of course, you begin by finding a crowd that fits you only to realize that you must pick the crowd by fortifying the fit and eliminating the unfit which does no violence. It is that original essence of brotherhood which exists in true fraternity. These lessons of Hierarchy are very important to learn and the sublime wisdom of the Grades is observed with greater clarity with the advance of years of experience. Something that the solitary magician simply cannot understand who does not understand how senseless and stupid their objections are. Yet, they do not understand how this is brilliantly resolved where the hermits do not, in the New Aeon, are not to be found in the mountains and the forest. Once again, I would not mention any names for I cannot anticipate the truth of what eventuality might awaken them to an initiation. For if real initiation does occur and they become an Instructor they will have to set up a Hierarchy where everything they objected to in the past becomes hot air.

It is ironic. I might object to someone for years on end. Yet, I would give the shirt off my back to them if they experienced real persecution. Of course, those who have proved themselves unworthy in the immediate Hierarchy I could not assist. For my Instructor told me to never associate with them if they left or betrayed the Order.

Keep your enemies as far away as possible; and your friends close. It is stupid to keep your enemies close as some idiot once proclaimed where they will eventually do you harm. For “as brothers fight ye” is directly from the Law where we must realize that all Thelemites must take a better attitude to each other to adhere to this important command which amounts to survival and sanctuary in the far future.

Love is the law, love under will