Cult of the Sun

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

What could more tantalizing than being accused of being a member of a cult than reacting with a wicked looking smile and quoting Liber Aleph, the Chapter called De Cultu.

Why yes, now that you mention it, (I would smile) I am a member of a Thelemic Cult. Does this cause you panic and paranoia in your weak and ill educated little mind?, (I would think to myself ) waiting for the person inquiring to dash away for cover or smile even more intensely at the irony of it all where the very etymology and definition of the word "cult" has been compromised by scrofulous mentality, idiot conspiracy theorists and naive social workers. All of them in their perverted desire for moral recognition exploiting the word out of context with its original meaning. The point of knife attempted for my character assassination while my Point countered by my explanation shall be that of the proclamations in that Chapter in Liber Aleph is that we Thelemites are a cult of the Sun where it directs us never to neglect the Sun Adoration. This official Class D instruction is clearly given for A∴A∴ aspirants making it a very important instruction to be implemented in your daily magical work. In addition, I highly recommend my essay on assemblage of ceremony. Perhaps if those magical organizations who over emphasize the Gnostic Mass intentionally or unintentionally create the nonsense that the Law of Θελημα is a religion would read and practice that Chapter in Liber Aleph they would realize that deterioration into the false perception of us as a religion would have been perceived with chagrin by the Master Therion who would have been clearly disappointed that they have sunk so far into such foolish obsessions. After all, how is the Khabs to shed light over them if they neglect Liber Resh which is a vital manifestation? We have come a long way from the perceptions of the operations of the Sun since the Emerald Tablet which, incidentally should be studied as one of the links of antiquity that has played an important contribution for the western esoteric path.

Without a doubt, the Emerald Tablet and its various translations has captured my interest, research and even imagination over the years. Those who are involved in any link whatsoever of the western esoteric path of spiritual enlightenment are familiar with “as above, so below”. I found it particularly significant that a translation by Issac Newton was found among his research papers. It has gained the attention of many scholars throughout history. Arabians and Europeans share a equal fascination and interest in the Emerald Tablet. “Its force is above all force”, for myself is a clear description of the Supernal where the pairs of opposites have brought you to a higher perception for what exists including perceptions of the pairs of opposites. Freud originally called it “coupling of opposites” (trying to appear original) but eventually submitted to the terminology of “pairs of opposites”. So, the influence of the Emerald Tablet is so far reaching into the thesis of a multitude of lectures of mystics, philosophers, psychologists, academic occult scholars and so forth that it would be off topic to quote all of them.

Aside from being a major factor of the meditations of the pairs of opposites common for the western esoteric path the translation ends with a statement that the operation of the Sun is ended and accomplished. Well, this might be an error where the Adept in Tiphereth has decided no Sephira exist above the operation of the Sun which we know from the Tree of Life that the Great Work moves to the supernal Triad. I tried to explain in another essay that I have seen Adepts decide that the knowledge and conversation ends the Great Work where they spend the rest their life established in their sephira. The Emerald Tablet kicks into gear what modern mystics have termed “spiritual alchemy” and the symbolism of its system runs rapidly through many secret documents, public documents and lecture by the serious aspirant.

We leave the laboratory interpretation of the Emerald Tablet to modern chemists who have an interest in the historical significance of its science and embrace with no little zeal the metaphysical symbolism which as an initiate on the Path all true initiates who have truly attained run with the symbolism which can give real insight. Thelemites who have read some of the secret documents will know what I am referring to where the symbolism of alchemy is brilliantly expounded to describe certain secrets of the Path. Of course, many private writings easily available will verify how valuable the symbolism is to describe the Path and the processes of initiation. Alchemical symbolism and Kabbalahistic symbolism together are not in contradiction for those involved in the western esoteric path where clarity has been the norm rather than the confusion of other lines of description. The black dragon described as the dark night of the soul makes perfect sense and equally correspondences of the kabbalah are easily assimilated. Why, even Theosophists and a few of the gurus in the east have made sense of it always attributing it to their own invention of insight.

Although the great genius of the Emerald Tablet cannot be denied and even its claims to have secrets of the universe the Great Work needs to be continued from the perspective of Hadit Unto Nuit, and at least one interpretation (for myself) shall be to perceive a very real magical link or continuation of the operation of the Sun in the New Aeon. Most certainly, stating the Emerald Tablet contains all the secrets of the universe is a serious breach of logic where if we state it contains some of the secrets of universe for the operation of the Sun we can continue its Great Work.

Worshiping the Khabs and beholding the light shed over you existed for myself on my Path by Liber Resh where I identified with the core of my star in relation to the Sun. Not necessarily in the same manner as microcosmic sun and macrocosmic sun which wasn’t precisely the relationship that I developed from meditations on the pairs of opposites or the Temple of Nuit where my microcosm was an omnipresence of Her Body or the experiences of Hadit Unto Nuit. My experience was Liber Resh was putting myself in Tiphareth of whatever sephira I was in. For example, a Zelator doing Liber Resh only after a period of at least three months would be in Yesod of Tiphareth. “Ra Incarnate” from the perspective of the sephiroth where the Light is shed on any Grade. You will note that I started off with my first sentence with those skeptical words, “for myself” not giving you an upper case of Myself where I leave open the possibility of other interpretations. Upper case is supernal, and above the Abyss. Since I am the only one to have these insights I have nothing to develop parameters of comparative relation. Therefore, the best I can do is to direct you in the path of my own private awakenings which involve the very real magical link between Liber Resh and beholding light shed over me. I offer this as preliminary insights. Of course, unless you do Liber Resh over a long period of time I cannot be verified unless you parallel this. After all, my attainments do not always absolutely parallel others but perhaps a few will benefit. I am open for other lines of insight that assist the Khabs having light shed over you. I might add that group sessions of Liber Resh at Feasts have given me experiences that a solitary practitioner cannot have where they work completely without the accumulation of group magical energy. I do highly recommend that at a large Feast group Adoration to the Sun using Liber Resh be done. There is unmistakable difference between a group of (for example) fifteen Thelemites all doing a Noon Adoration to the Sun and a solitary Thelemite doing a Noon Adoration. The magical secrets of the Sun and the Phallus take a different direction or will be assimilated completely during greater initiations. Although these magical secrets are important to study I present a direction of insight that should assist unlocking the secrets of the Khabs using Liber Resh as an ancient and modern method.

If the Khabs in your Khu is dimly lit by not letting its light shed over you then you must adhere to the Book of the Law where it states to “follow out the ordeals of my knowledge”. Liber Aleph clearly gives true instruction in the Chapter named “De Cultu” where Liber Resh is mentioned as an important addition to the daily magical work.

Love is the law, love under will