The Art of Conversation
written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Magick without Tears gives you the inspiration for those who would study A.C.’s letter on the subject of the art of conversation. It has most certainly been a real inspiration for myself. I cannot possibly give lecture better than A.C.’s letter on the subject so read it first. I can, however, give my experience which although it has twists and turns even to be perceived to be off topic comes right around where I have explained how A.C.’s explanations are verified by my Great Work and Path. The Art of Conversation is applying tolerance to each others will, of course, but more has to be meditated on than good manners among those without the Circle. The black brother attitude where they live in the lonely towers or the old Aeon Hermit who refuses to leave the forest and the mountain have the same issue. So I shall explain the importance of the art of conversation where the shortest distance between two points ignores some of the complexities of the issue.

All this is not in contradiction to talking not overmuch for times exist on the Path prior to Adept Exempt where you need to read phenomenal existence without delusion. If an M.T. is severely warning a Babe of the Abyss to ignore all phenomena and go on with the work this is a specific instruction. The Voices of the Abyss are a dangerous and critical time on the Path for the Babe of the Abyss and the only text book properly applied is Liber 333. Now, the same warning for someone of the lower Grades is the proclamation of a moron who has mixed the planes where such advice is in absolute contradiction to the work of the lower Grades. For them who would falsely instruct without experience they have not had supernal manifestations sufficiently such as Knowledge and Conversation of the A∴A∴. You cannot give the same advice to an Adept Minor without to an Adept Minor Within. If anything, the Instructor needs to know when to be silent and let the aspirant work out the ordeal.

Strange drugs might very well bring on the voices of the abyss before you have reached sufficient initiation for Liber 333 to assist you toward the Silence. The M.T. interprets all phenomena as a particular dealing of God with His soul. This means it is essential to take every Oath and Task seriously and carefully.

At what stage of the magician’s path the Momentum is sufficient to actually Cross cannot be included in any conversation with generic accuracy. It is with Great Wisdom that conversation with your Immediate Superior above your Grade who has observed and audited you is the standard rule. Your immediate superior will always advise the Oath and Tasks be fulfilled prior to you writing something of the equivalent of Liber 666 for yourself. We have had idiots trying to use Liber 666 which kicks nothing into gear but delusions where they try to Speak and only black brother current is the sum of the equation of their ruach masturbation. Momentum and Motion is the key on this plane of perception. A moron failed Probationer recently printed a copy of Liber 666 publicly warning the world on its horrifying dangers if they recite it not realizing that how it is a Guide and not some idiot one dimensional theory of consensus mob thought. Another dogmatic notion dropping its pants to the black brothers where such confused thinking tries to imply that everyone is going to be identical in their Momentum at the same Grade level. Liber VII are the birth words of one M.T. but to state this document are the only birth words is permitting your conversation to move to one dimensional nonsense. One, one, one!! I’m tired of the conversation!

There are equivalents in manifestation but one initiate might have the Sleep of Shilom where another initiate experience the “peace unutterable”. Once again, don’t patronize Me with polite lies if you haven’t experienced such equivalents for, again, if you had balanced theory and practice & fulfilled each Oath carefully you would be able to discern these manifestations of initiation where you have already experienced them and now can instruct without these errors that a novice cannot see.

You’ll find the reference to the art of conversation in MWT Commented in the Chapter called NOISE. Unfortunately, this is one of the paragraphs that Israel Regardie cut from his edition. By now many Thelemites know that our edition called Magick without Tears Commented restores the 15,000 words that Israel Regardie maliciously cut from his inferior edition. As a consequence of adding everything Regardie deleted the book ended up being over 500 pages long.

Well, we all know about line 8 of the Oath and Task of Probationer. Without some degree of skill with conversation this might be an obstacle.

All right. Now that I have covered the above lets get on with it. You have worked for seven hours in the Temple and now you want to venture out into the world and communicate. What will become of the remainder of your day? How will your aura magnetize the profane or inspire those you converse with or awaken a conflict within others? You are watching and weighing. You are being discreet in your exchanges of conversation. You are observing everything that is taking place before or around you whether it is peculiar synchronizations or actual hostile manifestations. For some, they have memorized Liber 777 or at least partially where the symbolism of what is being observed is giving real magical signs.

The old Aeon Hermit has escaped not to the mountains and the forest to find the Greater Initiations. They went there to escape being burnt at the stake. The new Aeon Hermit now gives the civilized effect upon those around him. We do not sleep on a bed of nails but beds of purple caressed by magnificent beasts of women. You cannot enjoy all things of sense and rapture by not being a participant in the world. Are you hiding under the bed where existence cannot be directly experienced as joy? How can you enjoy all things of sense and rapture unless you meet the world bravely?

So the wisdom of the Art of Conversation which A.C. emphasizes in Magick without Tears is perceived in a clearer light. The initiate who has not shut themselves off from life will experience life.

The entire issue of permitting others to influence you negatively, or sway you, or permit the vampire to succeed, or permit others to do your thinking for you to compromise your will should not make you meek toward communication and conversation. You cannot behave like you’ll be enslaved and cut yourself off from those experiences which shall become learning experiences for your growth. You will note that those correspondence letters in Magick without Tears does warn the students of the dangers of even other members swaying them. This is wise advice from A.C. to assure that they know that their Work will be compromised if they do not buckle down to the Oaths and Tasks. Instructors give the same advice today when necessary. Therefore his letter which involves the art of conversation needs this article for those who are strong enough to not only accomplish those Oaths but to move forth into the world to take their pleasure among the living!

Eventually more outside the immediate Circle of membership people will begin calling us Thelemites which, as it is written in Book of the Law, will do no wrong. Already, many have heard of us and call us Thelemites. I bring this up to clarify how the proper reputation and what we are "called" can only assist us as our numbers increase.

This line in the Book of the Law has not gone without query in its peculiar implications or even latent magical secrets. I have had students inquire whether this means what we are called implies that we actually call ourselves is or shall be something else. Conversation on this line, and even those who spy on us have led nowhere for them.

Be that as you will, what you see depends on your level of initiation. I might even proclaim that what you see is but a garment of what We really are, and communication with Us is impossible - unless you become like Us.

I might state that we are "called" Unto Nuit but this is a conversation of the Supernal where the “heart and tongue” is heard from the High Priestess.

This covers the "art of conversation" on more than one plane depending on your Grade where I speak, and I am silent and that which will come to pass will come to pass.

Love is the law, love under will