The Ordeal and the Continuity

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

What is known as the consciousness of the continuity of existence and its primal connections to life everywhere has its glorious effects. It is clear to the initiate that is familiar with the ancient mystical rites of Pan that the Greeks most certainly had this experience as a great awakening that would have been most fulfilling in terms of the exalted nephesh and the forests of eternity that were visions connected with Pan the God of the Wood are always emphasized in the various ceremonies to this ancient God.

It would otherwise, and in addition to be clarified that this formula of Pan does have parallels for the neshesmah precisely in Trance where the Temple of the Goddess of the Stars fulfills the perception of the omnipresence of her body in a manner where we can name the overall Trance Cosmic Consciousness of the New Aeon from the method of Liber Nu and Liber Had. I really must object, however, when it is proclaimed Pan is Nuit. My interpretation is from the experience that was a consequence for my school of thought. So, although Pan is Nuit might be a truth up to a certain Grade I must correct this perception to state it might be more consistent with the overall symbolism to state Pan is Hadit. Again, 777 correspondences give the lower Grades really important consistencies which need to be adjusted by experience or you suffer any number of obsessions by not observing the data of your experience and perceiving it in the light of what is written in what Class and under what circumstances.

What of the Ordeal that is oft times connected with real Trances that are the truth of spiritual enlightenment and awakening of initiation to the supernal? Becoming a Winner of Ordeal X and moving forth to such a permanent elucidation of the continuity of consciousness does take preparation and spiritual aspiration. This I covered in my essay "Preliminaries to the Temple of Nuit".

The Trance does make you much more cautious of the existence of life. This cannot be carried too far or an Ordeal of another caliber distinguished from Ordeal X will subtly manifest. Naturally, if you have done the magical practices passed on with Liber Tzaddi to you as preliminary toward the New Aeon Cosmic Consciousness this subtle Ordeal of near paranoia of taking life is diminished considerably.

In my particular case I was surprised & concerned by these subtle changes where previously I would agree with the ancient texts of magick to cut a wand from a living branch. I will not do so anymore as I realized it was wasteful to life. This does not mean if faced with a real enemy I would hesitate to adjust the situation in a manner where neutralization of the threat occurred. Nor would I shed a tear nor lose sleep over any of it. If anything, I might very well experience the Temple of Ra-Hoor-Khuit in a manner where I had previously had little or no insight previously. I might state that the Temple of Nuit is peace and state that the Temple of Ra-Hoor-Khuit is war where the combined with my experiences it has more meaning than the simplicity that the profane might be reading from Me. Such accumulation of the unfolding of the complexes results in a simple and concise perception where those who hear it from me do not know the complexity of the equation that led to the simplicity of the answer. More than once I have stated something that for all intents and purposes reads or sounds like the most incredibly simple insight. Being a truth for Me might be an enigma or paradox for others or even be falsely perceived as a casual insight that has no bearing on anything complex in the school of thought of metaphysics for others. An observer to a man who has climbed a difficult and steep mountain is complimented for his journey while he is smoking his pipe. Yet, the person who complimented him isn't given the details of the climb nor give any hint on what has to be learned nor the dangers of death. Much less the skill and courage that is necessary and improvisation that might be a decision that gives either success or death.

It should otherwise be an intriguing and normal consequence of the continuity of consciousness to existence be aware of such circumstances to see with crystal clarity how such an aspect of it would slowly awaken an Ordeal about how you relate to the life you are now perceiving. How perfectly deadly such an Ordeal could be if some complex latent and ready to arise has not the preparation sufficient to overcome which would of never existed as an issue for those who have not tread this subtle path. This would mean that the Ordeal and Continuity would be absolutely meaningless to the profane person who lives in the dimension of one, worshiping the one God and lost in the dogmatic rationalizations of mundane monotheism. This is not a monotheistic Trance, nor it is oneness with a God, nor is it a polytheistic vision or Trance. That its attainment, like the omnipresence of Her Body, simply is not covered in the curriculum of such primitive creeds of spiritual enlightenment like Buddhism or the crapulous creeds of the Guru from India whose list of Trances have never included what we have proclaimed the ultimate attainment of spiritual enlightenment which we call cosmic consciousness coming from the First Chapter and given method in Liber Nu and Liber Had we must encourage others to expound.

Compassion is the vice of kings. Ecology is clearly going to be seen as far more important a subject with the Trance and most certainly the stupidity of senseless killing might make the aspirant hypocritical to others who cannot see how subtle and important the difference in consciousness has become prior and the aftermath.

Whether it is the omnipresence which might have a vampire ordeal or the continuity which might have a ordeal regarding life or ecology we must emphasize that it should be expounded with clarity to assist others and create the parameters that will not lie or mislead.

It is without a doubt that I must of shocked many mystics from many systems of spiritual enlightenment when I stated long ago I wanted to become a God but I changed my mind.

It should otherwise be emphasized that it is presently what I am expounding from my school of thought from experience that the secret of the microcosm, cosmic consciousness and Liber Nu and Liber Had are connected in a manner where you become the universe rather to attain Godhood. So, those who thought Me changing my mind meant I had entered the Path of Darkness clearly did not read my essay "The Call to the Path of Darkness" where I emphasized the importance of using Liber Tzaddi as your means of preparation.

Naturally, taking it all step by step and Grade by Grade cannot be taken lightly.

Love is the law, love under will