Clarity of Interpretation

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Well, it seems some complexities arise how you give instruction can be often times twisted into rationalizations where the proper decisions on what reality we manifest with our daily lives based on our True Self.

No doubt, I might give advice for someone; and they might take its meaning completely different if that aspirant has some complex or habit that hasn't been brought up in the magical record. For example, I might encourage his originality and creativity where he or she interprets this to create a reality that stifles his initiation. That old saying, “Nulla dies sine linea” shall be interpreted by the creative writer completely different than the cocaine user. An initiate “contains multitudes”, true, but what the instructor is trying to expound to inspire or instruct will not always be received well by the student whose growth might be either one dimensional or have an unconscious rejection where they automatically assume that the red flag of indoctrination is to being raised to some obsession of what the course of their life is to be. After all, the Oaths and Tasks are overlooked where they convince themselves that they have become compromised by what they try to convince themselves is totalitarian protocol or dictatorship where they insist they have to be on course. Sometimes, it does recoil on them but sometimes you have to let the lesson run its course not knowing whether the student will survive the ordeal of the mirror meditation where they, at last, realize they contain multitudes.

Let us take a question which seemed innocent enough and look what karma it created for a student that I shall not name. Appearing innocently enough many years ago I was given this question. “Should I do both the Star Ruby and Lesser Banishing ritual of the pentagram or both”. Of course, Liber O show these pentagrams and hexagrams as part of the curriculum but I answered the letter in this manner.

“My advice is to do both of them for the Star Ruby throws the pentagrams in the offensive; and the Lesser Banishing ritual of the Pentagram encourages you to visualize them in each quarter as a defensive. Learning to do both methods of banishing will enlighten you and develop your skills over a period of time, both defensive and offensive. In addition, as we proceed different methods of meeting magical attacks will naturally become a part of your training.”

I thought nothing more of such an instruction until I began to observe something very peculiar with this aspirant many years later. He did not seem to be aware of “one pointedness” and confused this instruction by being slightly confused on the issue of career and the absolute choice of the Great Work. After going over an issue where he had troubles balancing the issue of time with the Great Work and time with employment I realized that I had set him straight. Yet, I pondered whether I should of given him the advice of simply doing the Star Ruby. Was this past instruction so terribly misinterpreted that I had confused his priorities later in life? No doubt, a student will, if sincere, meditate deeply upon official instruction; and although it turned out that I was able to explain myself to him with clarity it did create a blind ordeal for him. In addition, when you’ve had a student for decades you automatically want to decide that such issues have resolved themselves. In this case it needed further explanation where I studied all my past letters to see how it came to be that such an issue would arise. My notion was this early answer to a question planted a seed where he needed to be reminded to concentrate on priorities. You check yourself; and recheck yourself to assure that you are proceeding properly to be the very best Instructor you can be even studying the karma of an early question and answer.

Placing the Great Work and the intense responsibilities of Oaths, Tasks, the Path, and Initiation over everything that has been obstacles obvious or warned about shall be pause for very deep meditation. How you are seen to others with such a choice of will is one issue. Yet, you should hear me out where such experiences are rarely taken as seriously as they should.

It is clearly not a matter of self sacrifice. I simply choose one option of life over the other and had to make decisions based on my choice of will. Taking the warning of the Siren from Liber Aleph seriously means the entire perspective of my choice of lovers is altered. For example, Edith who I loved for many years deteriorated; and I was unable to restore her health where I was forced to move on in spite of all the glorious moments. Another woman who I cared for went from a glorious relationship to making the decision where we had to go her separate ways as a consequence of her cancer. Others have been gold diggers, or something changed their mind about the Great Work, decided that their career or employment was more important than initiation; and any number of surprises where relationships have not worked out. Yet, from my perspective I held steadfast to my aspiration and self discipline. After all, I was experiencing first hand the exchange of the Priestess on and off with relationships and knew that some were never to be what I considered to be the perfect relationship. I suffered no delusions about how it would turn out where I observed time and time again how dangerous and stupid it would be to permit myself any slack with the responsibility of my Great Work with the Hierarchy.

Even had I taken the route that the Master Karl Germer took to marry three times; and even rely on them to assist them was observed with caution. No doubt, a rich wife or a dedicated wife has its place but no one came along where such a parallel existed. Can we learn from those who have succeeded and those who have failed? Of course we can. Look into the mirror!!! I refer you to my “Mirror Meditation” in the special supplement of my volume I titled “Ideas that Inspire” which late but not too late came out when yet another student grumbled about how I had inquired how it was taken so long by giving excuses. Of course, the magical attacks which are going to occur when a book is being published do subside after the book has been released into the world but while the volume is being prepared it is like the astral plane goes to war or confusion as adjustment will be occurring on more than one plane. While this is occurring you will observe from a multitude of students the same magical attack from the same old Aeon Current where much of the attack involves confusion of priorities.

The magical opposition does seem eternal and tedious when it occurs; and you must endure unto the end. After all, in the aftermath of the ordeal where you have emerged victorious you should be as strong or stronger against the issue where the very old Aeon current and persecution recoils against the enemy. Never ignore phenomena for the universe is teaching you. Also, it is never too early to interpret every phenomena as a particularly dealing with God and your soul. These adventures on the Path are learning experiences of your True Self, True Will and Great Work. Write diligently in your magical record. Some phenomena will not be understood for a long time but eventually you’ll be able to piece it all together. For example a leak in your aura early on is not the same as a very real magical attack although they might surface as near identical. I do realize that you’ll have to experience this; and record in your diary to fully experience this experience for the experience to be experienced.

Those who contributed as members fighting on the same side against the attack of the old Aeon currents are richly rewarded by the experience; and those who submitted to any number of delusions either remain what they are or deteriorate to the their fantasy worlds of ruach rationalizations absent from any neshamah.

My Instructor when firstly encountering such magical attacks was surprised where it was a sublime learning experience.

After all, how is it that someone like ourselves who aren’t on the surface doing anything to anyone, whose books do not sell well, who never uses social media, never do videos, and simply writes apparently innocent essays would be targeted? Such complexity of scenario does not go unobserved by myself who sees deeply into any number of peculiar attacks by old Aeon currents over the years. How they see us and how we see ourselves; and what we write about clearly isn't how we think we think they think!

The magical attacks do occur; and we must meet such ordeals where courage and dedication is held steadfast as a glorious sword of triumph.

Love is the law, love under will