Interesting Thoughts

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I have decided it is high time I shared some interesting thoughts on my observations of any new or even established Thelemic Organizations; and how they might vibrate at a higher level than they do presently; and to present all Thelemites a guide of what to observe when you finally decide your aspiration and Great Work needs a serious association where you finally realize the wisdom of the Hierarchy or Order.

With regards to new magical organizations coming into existence I have noted only one that agrees with Me that 93 93/93 is taking a direction that has contradictions. The main proclamation shall be that anyone who changes the style of a letter will not observe the mysteries of the Book of the Law where the 93 Current is compromised by disobedience.

Although I do not necessarily oppose this organization, they have not put Θελημα in Greek.

Change not the style of a letter in the Book of the Law lest the Utterance of the Master become smeared by the confusion of the follower. Once again, I am not going to name any magical organizations formulated into existence for Thelemites but you can easily find them these days; and better than I could back when I became a Thelemite in 1972 e.v.. Of course, I have objections to any number of them but it is a waste of time to name names.

The Opening Thelemic Greeting should never be in uppercase except for the first and last letter as it is in the original manuscript.
Like this:
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The Closing Thelemic Greeting should have only have a capital letter with the first word:
Like this:
Love is the law, love under will

Like this, or not; any letters to me applying for membership must be in proper format; and when I tell you to use a format it is always based on keeping the style of a letter. Go find another Lineage or Instructor if you are not willing to comply. I’m waiting for you to come up to My level; and I shall not descend to your level. If you think you are already an Adept I don’t need you to tell me so; but I will test you if you try to make a claim joining the Hierarchy. I will know magically what to do.

Although I absolutely agree that Liber XV aka the Holy Gnostic Mass is a religion I shall emphasize positively that I take the stand with A.C. in Magick with Tears where he denounces the idea that the Law of Θελημα is a religion. Again, this is a guide for Thelemites to avoid a possible error in judgment joining any organization that foolishly states the Law of Θελημα is a religion when A.C. never agreed that it was.

This gives everyone a guide if they have an aspiration to a Thelemic Organization. Three main items to guide you to the right Path and Great Work. Anyone who changes the style of a letter by using the Thelemic Greetings as 93; anyone who does not put Θελημα in Greek; and anyone who claims the Law of Θελημα is a religion I would recommend you do not join them until they obey the Law. Why of course, this does put everyone who calls themselves a Thelemite on the spot where they are faced with decisions. It should otherwise be carefully proclaimed that you will not gain the depth of insight from its mysteries and might even manifest an old Aeon current from such disobedience.

Let us look closely into the Holy Command:

Change not as much as the style of a letter; for behold! thou, o prophet, shalt not behold all these mysteries hidden therein.

We observe that the prophet did not put Θελημα in Greek and died not beholding all the mysteries of the Book of the Law by His own admittance. Therefore, as a modern day Thelemite if you obey this Command you will behold more mysteries than you presently have; and this depends on your level of initiation. Most certainly, a mere Neophyte might actually behold some mysteries but an Adept Major will definitely benefit where he exists with more initiations. When you do change the style of a letter; and know that you are doing where you have warned that it is a violation you can be guaranteed to meet with subtle inertia; or not so subtle depending on the status of the aspirant with regards to “sore spots” and “ordeals” and very real complexes. Of course, if you are idle and stupid it is feasible that you’re too covered with dirt in your aura to make a difference one way or another. Nevertheless, you’ve taken a step simply reading this essay where I am warning you that you should not change the style of a letter. It is unimportant how long you’ve been a Thelemite. Or what Grade you think you are; or how smart you think you are. Liber AL, Chapter I, verse 54 must not be ignored.

Nevertheless, my cordial recommendation is to inform them of this essay and let them read what I have proclaimed above. Why, they might just slap their foreheads and say; By Jove, he’s right; and immediately write me a respectful letter thanking me for such generosity for giving them such perfect advice.

Love is the law, love under will