Making a difference

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Rather a sneaky title, don’t you think? Where I title this essay “Making a difference” and then lecture how it is contradistinctive and counterproductive to make a difference between one thing and another thing. Then I really upset everybody and tell you the formula can be turned around by becoming the chief of all moving the equation to a complexity that really begins to become insightful for the perspective of those who take a stand or even move to conquerer consciousness.

In today’s lecture I will to give a number of examples on how I have meditated on the following Verse from the Law. You can “make a difference” and become the chief of all taking a stand or not make a difference lurking and withdrawing for an efficient attack on the resolution of any complexity of exchange between one thing and another.

Let us begin this meditation to achieve some clarity.

“Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt.”

Lets begin with this on the surface causal, innocent remark from a family member who playfully inquires of which Uncle is your favorite. Clearly, such an innocent question means I might very well insult the entire life and will of any other Uncle that I ignore while I with emotional connotations have chosen one Uncle over the other that I favor. I have made a difference and from such a choice that has caused hurt. For hypothetical examples, if I make a difference, I would be ignoring Uncle Sandy whose wisdom of finance is ignored, or I might ignore Uncle Leonard whose brilliant optimism of life and skills as an artist are ignored, or Uncle Bob whose keen wit is ignored, or the jovial demeanor of Uncle Bill wouldn't be observed for inspirations of life, and we won’t even enter the issue of Aunts who also cannot be ignored as any favorite. If we commit the error of favorites we might very well pass up the glory of their lives, their experiences and will. The hurt does not necessarily come from any feelings being compromised but to yourself where you do not learn from those who you could have learned from. Meaning, you hurt yourself.

Let's take this principle to include the choice of lovers. Being the type of man who loves women I have had a few affairs. We will assume that in the struggle to find the soul mate or merely a compatible lover we must choose the one where the exchange is just so. Of course, it would be stupid to marry the first woman that comes along. When you are young and excited about relationships you have to “play the field” and see different types of women to find that true “love under will”. It is best never to look for the size of a woman’s breasts, her bank account, or her educational background. I must not make a difference in my exploration of love or doom my relationships to failure. I must see deeply into each lover's true being to note what is right for my life and lifestyle. I might very well decide privately on an Aries woman but this does exclude how glorious or even frivolous a Aquarius type woman can be. Once again, you do insult a woman who likes to dress up in black and acts gothic to someone like Dolly Parton who dresses up like a southern belle and is rural. Both types of women have a life which has glory depending on your will to move with them for a time parallel on the path. You take the gothic girl to one event and the other to another event enjoying and experiencing them for what they have decided their will to become. No doubt, insulting the woman who is a bit overweight is stupid for they are what they are; and besides most of them are splendid cooks while that thin girl might be appreciated for her wondrous skills with computers or love of nature. You enjoy the glory of each type of woman in your search for love; and observe caution not to insult their choices in life or make stupid demands on their choices of will.

We’ve covered the wisdom of this verse twice so let's observe it from the perspective of your neighbor’s choice of politics. Well, my neighbor might be voting for someone I consider to be counterproductive to my views on the future of my country. Yet, this should not be anything personal. He, like me, is a dedicated patriot and I must respect him whether he is an Independent, Federalist, a Democrat, or a Republican. After all, we are both citizens of the same nation where knowing his political views need not be a hindrance to the tolerance among mutual citizenship. Moreover, I must hear the speeches of all the politicians in their campaigns to decide on my vote where it is better off I simply keep to myself my choice avoiding the senselessness of argument. It should be an elaboration on the obvious to inform my neighbor; and completely without positive outcomes with regards to communications that I think he to be a stupid shit to vote for who he voted for where I have committed an error in judgment where I cause hurt by making a difference. Might I cleverly state his rights end where mine begin, and vice versa, and leave him to whatever political choice was made final with his meditations on who the best candidate shall be.

Race is another issue where I shall not make a difference lest the stupidity of racism be any factor in my exchanges. That Ethiopian girl down the street with her wide smile, coal black skin is no less worthy of love than the giggling Japanese girl with buck teeth who does the waltz as well as the Nordic woman, with perfect pearl white teeth, with her blond hair, ivory skin and blue eyes. Clearly, to make a difference will not appreciate these women only to insult them causing hurt.

From the perspective of this verse attributing it to centralization I would be taking a black brother attitude to ignore that my neighbor shall be the center of his circle as I am that I am. I shall not make a difference and cause the hurt that enslavement would conjure with such a savage perspective.

From the perspective of religion we have much meditation to apply this properly for their comes a time to make a difference to become the chief of all. Yet, due to the complexity of those few who are meditating on the lens of those who become the chief of all, they are few and chosen. After all, I have to include all the verses of the Law to truly arise to a perspective that it is in reality, “the whole of the Law”.

The meditation has given rise to any number of complexities and decisions or attitude where I might state, “tolerance is for fools, strike hard and low to hell with them” and not be contradicting the verse in the least if I take the perspective of “the chief of all” where if you do not complete the meditation to the next verse you lose touch with that self esteem, pride and centralization imperative to take an eventual stand on any given issue.

These concepts can exist simultaneously or you can move from one to the other. As a flow from one to the Pinnacle (for example) to not make a difference you are taking everyone’s experience or wisdom to the bank where you accumulate true perspective in the bank account of your accumulated experience arriving to the Pinnacle of the chief of all.

The “chief of all” perspective is the consciousness of my centralization of the circle where I command the spirits. Yet, as the center of my circle as a magician and exorcist I shall recognize and respect all of them in accordance and recognition with the absolute tolerance of their existence by acknowledging their will. If I summon a spirit of Jupiter I give them a Holy Task consistent with their existence with no difference in the process than a spirit of Venus for Holy Task on My behalf. You might look at this from the lens of the Boss you work for not showing prejudice to any of the employees. From such an example you can observe how both simultaneously exist and are clearly consistent with each other without contradiction.

If any contradiction seems to exist in the Verses pay attention for it might very well have a mystical key that will by initiation unlock a magical secret.

Love is the law, love under will