Centralization and the True Self

written by David Bersson
September 24th, An CXIX 2022 e.v.

"There is no aphrodisiac like power"
(A quote by Henry Kissinger, An American Diplomat.)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

In another essay I tried to emphasize the importance of a proper education. After all, a teacher can chalk the chalk, but the student must volition the condition and position. Inspiration is the key to be wary of the bored of education. In this essay, lets explore and meditate on self esteem and centralization. If I proclaim I am unafraid of the consequences of my actions and excited to enter the dangerous dark forest you need not look at me as if I am about to do something insane. Perhaps it is better I express it this way. After all, in the military you might have been stripped down and made the type of man they consider a real man, or entered a university where you are a statistic or had your Government made demands on you with a path of life based on stone walls where you only desired glorious gardens or had your youth imposed upon by a schooling that demanded religion be a part of the background of your learning process.

Perhaps you were born in the age of social media and computers where you lost your internet for a week and suddenly felt a sense of loss and desperation that all you’ve done with your life is computer code, play video games and build computers where casual exchanges and even exchanges with lovers are so stifled that it has have slowed down your social skills to such an extent that you are considered an introvert and a nerd. You realize that at any given moment you might lose internet again where the horrifying experience of reality might be faced again. Someone like myself who would brandish such concepts as the True Will and True Self might very well mean in your undeveloped mind that a dangerous individual has entered your world who might at any time do something horrible. You can understand an explorer or super hero but how could someone who could like myself not be the villain of the story if I am not acting like everyone else? Your idea of an intellectual is a cowardly nerd. You find the fellow next store is a normal who was called a geek has joined a political party where he took a baseball bat to someone’s head in a riot and you cannot wrap yourself around how such a contradiction could occur. After all, he said “hey” to you twice last year prior to his life in prison sentence. Well, what happened to him and others like him? Could it be that being sentenced to the slavery of others doing his thinking for him he could never find any inspiration, introspection and how to make decisions in his life that didn’t involve the obsessions of others? If we combine the word sheep and people we have the word “sheepel”. Clearly, such a DNA mix would be a person who goes bandwagon with any crowd that pulls his reins until he bleats the bleat of the herd mentality. Well, knowing what we don’t want to be will not assist you if you do not take action and actually look within yourself to see what you really are.

How do we begin? After all, the path of your life has avoided yourself. You might try to be the center of your circle like ancient magicians of old who actually commanded spirits. Now what type of consciousness manifested by such volition without actually trying to believe that the spirits are real or even the magick was real. We’ll call it a meditation as a science experiment to see what the ancients felt and take our chances with what will occur. I see. This eccentric fool has rolled away the stone and actually survived to describe what crawled from the darkness. Surely he is deprived of social acceptance! Well, the consciousness that manifested was a sense of centralization, a sense of power that is hard pressed to find another byway for. Suddenly those who tried to mold you into their puppets cannot understand why they cannot control you anymore and the years that existed prior where any number of others who try to make you think like them have no more relevancy. Well, the doorway of your inner freedom or possible doom has opened. Better to rule within than serve those without you who clearly defines freedom as a statistical voter forgetting that those who professionally teach are often those who never do. Honor dies where interest lies! How proud you are with your Noble Peace Prize, your ego gratifications of being an important robot in the academic community, your political connections and unblemished reputation. Well, where are you, really? You have decided that the right half of your brain is your true tendency and that Human Lefts cannot exist in a world of Human Rights.

Those who permit themselves to be such slaves without masters, mere sheep I cleverly quote Alice:
“You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”. Where you are shuffled and reshuffled by those whose rationalizations have spilled the vinegar of their corruption on your garment where you have ignored the glorious wine of your inner self, individuality and self esteem.

Naturally, it would be either someone who is a fool, blind or stupid to title “cancel culture” simultaneously to be defined as “accountability”. It is mob mentality thinking they can protest something they consider to be necessary to be accounted for (which often exists as lessons of history) that results in the stupid decisions. So it would be logical to call it “cancel history” by those who are sheep to any number of delusions that to change history to resolve issues. “Hard cases make bad law” has been our past folly where someone would commit a hideous crime and politicians or the mob would rush in demanding stricter laws where the crimes for the deeds are already covered. In this case, stricter laws affect the multitudes and the honest citizen has to obey absolutely totalitarian protocol. No culture is actually being canceled by permitting the mob to influence the decision to destroy statues of those who they decided were actually villains rather than historical figures where we can learn from the flow of history not to repeat errors. With no examples left where is any significant history to teach at the university to guide us to a more civilized future? A mass shooting occurs and everyone wonders how it could be without studying the situation carefully and they end up making stupid laws where they try to compromise our second amendment. I have insisted that the educational system should emphasized so more inspiration toward the student’s self esteem be concentrated on where they cannot be obsessed by extremist convulsions where they, being taught to think for themselves do not permit others to do their thinking for them and those dangerous obsessions are lowered by a high percentage. Crimes of history are repeated, the educational system releases uninspired students into the world where they see the only choices they have are to let chaos be released by their frustration. Had they been taught right from the beginning to be centralized, proud and with the self esteem that does not permit obsession they wouldn’t of done what they did when they finally released the tension of those obsessions in the form of random madness of any number of foolish decisions.

A centralization example applied to a women who otherwise would of acted like a coward to a nasty rapist? Why, I thought you’d never ask!! Oh yes, my pretty! You state you were nearly raped by a juvenile delinquent and instead of whining like a spoiled little girl acted in self defense with either fists, feet, dagger, or gun? Well, that’s much better, brave lady, for those who take a stand rather than cower like cowards should be lined up in a single file to receive complimentary automatic war rifles from the police who, in addition, award you with a badge of good citizenship. Now that you mention it, it occurs to me that all honest citizens should be awarded rifles by the police who always have an abundant supply taken from criminals. So you see, the rewards for centralization always assist toward a happy ending where instead of the women who cowered and was raped fought back bravely and assisted law enforcement to eliminate a disgusting rapist! After all, the police cannot always get there in time with their obsession with donuts, so to relieve themselves of overwork they should hand out guns to every law abiding citizen so they can protect themselves without tedious efforts where the rapist is stronger or larger where the quick rapid fire of bullets gets the job done real quick against rapists and thieves. Shall we study the psychological effects of the woman who walks alone girt with a sword with a woman who is not girt with a sword. Studying the difference in the brain waves with an EEG machine of these two women are pertinent to an understanding of the point of such a controlled experiment. Well, I give you this hint. That the woman who fought and was centralized will not need a psychiatrist.

I should think that semantics and science have no handshake with regards to centralization. We yet proclaim that the Sun rises in the East as if no discoveries have been made with regards to who revolves around who. Well, how would we reword this unscientific proclamation so semantics and science are no longer in contradiction? Don’t answer that. If you practice Liber Resh a careful scientific study of its effects over a period of time recorded will give you vital perceptions on how the ancients viewed themselves in relation to the Sun. It is a leap of foolish presumptions to attribute such results as arrogance or human beings considering themselves special as the center of the universe. In contemplation of this, we do smile when someone in a town as small as Nedrow New York states his town is the center of the world. We seem to take another attitude when someone states everyone should consider themselves the center of their universe and think for themselves. Even the statement, “my town is in the center of the world”, although we know perfectly what is meant is a statement in contradiction to science since the center of the world is a molten core.

Let the weak fools follow the dogma of consensus philosophies while you develop a school of thought based on the particulars of your True Self. Such a radical thought for both liberals and conservatives!! Don’t bother me about politics. I lost interest after the insanity of the Kennedy - Nixon administration.

Shall we begin by emphasizing how important it is to be centralized and self confident. It is worthy of comment that the ancient and modern magicians drew a circle where they as microcosms in the center of the circle commanded the spirits. The type of consciousness where we rule and command is far more consistent with a desire, will and motive to be alive. We realize that we are absolutely insignificant unless we do something with our lives and our life must be enjoyed. We must search within to see ourselves and move forth to conquer our circumstances. On the scales we weigh as much as anything else in the universe if we exert ourselves as a center. We are an intelligent life form that evolved in a manner where our survival instincts caused us to explore and conquer. Those of our tribe of humans whose inferiority complex was overly defined were killed off by natural selection. We as a species should consider ourselves important and should always be considering evolving on every plane or either intellect or volition that is necessary to bring us true joy of existence. Have I taken a step where the attributes of the left half of my brain are now communicating properly with the right half of my brain? Such a radical perception for those who try to classify the undeveloped and write thesis that amounts to dogma. Perhaps another way of expressing this is I am now using my unused faculties and found what I learned what I was within to be not a cowardly fool who needs another fool to laugh at my folly but I am a real human being or even a star upon my course through the universe to discover my True Will and True Self. Instead of being in conflict with myself I am at peace with myself.

“Strike your sword against my shield, yea, your sword against my shield”

I proclaim to a world that has tried to make me a puppet and I move forth with zeal and realize that world conquest is thinking too small. Rather I would conquer the universe by the force of truth. Becoming God Incarnate on earth? Not good enough. I will become an entire universe, a microcosm that awakens cosmic consciousness wearing the starry robe as the signature of my attainment! Can I shape ecstasy as a spear and pierce the ancient dragon that sits upon the stagnant water? Well, such aspirations will only be possible when I have taken a perspective that is consistent with my true will and true self.

Our ancestors did consider earth the center of the universe but this had nothing to do with our ego. It was simply an observation based on too few facts. As we learned the truth this did not diminish our primal instincts for survival or our sense of domination over other species. If anything, our intellects adjusted the new science to take control in other ways where we found our raw survival means taking what we need the knowledge of ecological systems to preserve the earth, and to direct our natural instinct for survival and exploration to the stars. We are yet each a human being that exists the center of our own universe unto the infinite possibility of infinite space. Our confidence, pride, high intellects, firm volition, researched science as preparation, and aspirations means the possibility of new worlds and even a future of glorious victories over other species in the universe. It is entirely possible that some these species might be excellent flesh to eat or servants to assist us in our endeavors. Of course, we are human. We will laugh at their fear and take over where ever we can.

In my meditations where my aspiration was to develop a way to evolve noting that the type of natural selection that gives us biological evolution has been compromised by humanity’s folly with ecology I thought my introspection should include the reality of my nephesh or in the case of raw deduction of what my ancestor were like as mammals. For example, I feel strong when I have eggs for breakfast. Where does this meditation lead me? My mammal ancestors must of stolen dinosaur eggs since chickens are descendants of the dinosaurs. I have to sleep in total darkness for eight hours to be alert for the day so such a habit meant my ancestors were spared night predators. The nephesh or animal soul might be a key noting how my ancestors were I could understand myself to know what to do for self fulfillment, insights on how to evolve, decisions of diet, preferences of what females excite me, my reaction of those who I find either repulsive, attractive, dangerous or so unusual that I must puzzle them out. I want certain people around me and others I can only take in doses where no matter how incompatible they are in heavy doses they are fascinating to exchange with. A certain type of woman becomes a vampire to me and another type of woman inspires me with her mysticism or charm. What shocks me might be some type of survival instinct that might assist my growth. I was shocked by Carl Sagan when he stated he smoked marijuana where I shouldn’t of been concerned for his concentration and in contradiction to this a hippie proclaims that his soul is awakened and released to a new freedom where I smile at the possibility.

Moving along with the meditation we try to deepen the role of the neshamah or supernal spiritual manifestations knowing that the Stars and the Forest are clearly involved. I am annoyed reading a book on mythology that Gods are not in upper case. I know all about alpha waves and the EEG machine originated from telepathy experiments. If I am to proceed with an understanding of the spiritual and EEG machine and a biofeedback machine might give me answers that gives new insights into the realm of nephesh and neshamah.

I meditate on the ruach as my meditation continues. Concentration, reading the literature or scripts that inspire me, most poetry I find without the detail I like but someone like William Blake or Yeats feels right. My ruach isn’t reacting to stimuli in the same way others are. On occasion, I find myself annoyed that someone has to quote an author rather than give me an insight in their own words and yet I admire someone else for quoting an author I find inspiring. My ruach seems a contradiction where violence is both stupid and a survival instinct that an intelligent person can learn to defend oneself. I admire the skill of the martial fighter who can kick box but absolutely despise the type of theater where you have endless battles of martial so called arts. I will observe a boxing match where I enjoy the skill of the boxer but I am disgusted by needless, sadistic violence. Yet, I relish the thought of a bully being stomped upon. I enjoy the type of science fiction where humans are glorious conquerors and dislike the type of science fiction where earth is invaded by aliens. I enjoy the company of intelligent people but find the cowardly nerd and geek to be the lowest forms of life. I dislike how intelligence can be stereotyped as cowardly. My species is human being where I would prefer the intelligent to be strong and good.

The issue of Charles Darwin’s natural selection means that I as a human being will have important traits that I will have simply being alive and aware. I need only inquire within to learn about my present stage of evolution to scientifically deduce what I need to do to evolve. Rather than take millions of years to evolve I find what is needed to achieve the Great Awakening or go as far as it is possible with the data accumulated.

The issue on how to bring up from the depths of your being latent DNA, powers that haven’t been used that might awaken, necessary experiences for growth, positive mutations which constitute real evolution, initiation and creative insight does mean you must confront and show real courage to any number of experiences. The key of coming out alive and smelling like roses where you have passed through the vital ordeal means you have to be brave enough to move forth not knowing if you will survive and dedicated toward a persistent volition. Both over confidence and the inferiority complex will bury you if you do not lurk and withdraw following the law of the battle of conquest.

Sagan only took his ratio logic so far when he had us contemplate although a human being is one hundred times smarter than a rabbit this does not mean one hundred rabbits are as a smart as a human. Now that you mention it, it follows that if a human being is 90.3456 times smarter than a wolf then it doesn’t matter if one hundred wolves aren’t the equivalent of the intelligence of one man if that man is surrounded by one hundred wolves. Of course, the man no matter how much more intelligent he is to the wolves in ratio to the human being will in this case be eaten alive. This ratio of perception should be applied to not only to war but to social media and trolls where they condemn you as guilty by too few facts or stereotype you on social media. Clearly, if I seem to be against the people I therefore only seek to not be eaten alive!

This stand should not be confused for being the type of Hermit that disgusted by the savagery of the commonweal moves to the forest or the mountain to escape everyone where his civilizing effect is absolutely lost forever. We are obliged to not escape from so called civilization.

Perhaps the best plan with regards to who you associate with is to select them rather than move into a territory where lack of environmental control would compromise your True Will. Only a fool walks at night through a neighborhood known for its excessive crime. On the other hand, if you are to enter a dark forest as the shortest distance to your destination or a learning experience take weapons against the possible predators. Roll away the stone to see what crawls from the darkness, certainly, but be prepared and ready. Whether you are devoured by a demon or stung by a giant centipede depends on how you direct the controlled experiment.

It is otherwise of importance that you do not lie about what you are and develop courage. Only then will you perceive the process where real centralization develops your insights on how to proceed through the universe to your Great Awakening of the True Self and True Will.

Naturally, you might very well be observed unfairly or incorrectly. I suppose there are worse accusations than being called an evil sorcerer maneuvering for power or a mad scientist.

It will be their failure in life to voice such asinine accusations while you successfully move forth toward adventures beyond their wildest dreams.

Love is the law, love under will