Sample Divination

Tarot Card

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I duly held up the card of the Hierophant as I began my secret battle toward the true power and, of course the Hierophant is sacred to Taurus, the stubbornness of the wisdom kept pure and purged. Verily, the Oracle of the Hierophant is always clean and bold, for He teacheth the women girt with the sword the positions of the Temple working and giveth His knowledge of Love to the Hierarchy of Holies. Further, Taurus is ruled by Venus, therefore the Priestess guardeth the Temple of the Hierophant from the dogs of reason. Holding this Holy Card up, I duly called upon the Gods to give me a Card where my present work could speed the will of my Secret Gesture.

Immediately, the answer was given and like a tiger who leapeth upon the neck of a rabbit I was given that most Holy Card which men have named the Chariot. I awakened this force with my magick and the shining gold armour of the Charioteer shone among my face and inspired me with the insight of my will to go forth. I see, thinketh I, this would mean travel awaits me, or awaits others for my will to be firmly ripped into the soil of pragmatic gardens. Shall I then plant another Rook on my Chess board or move my Knight to ride to the square where my secret battlefield had placed war-lock upon my foes? Of course, I laughed. I will stay with a move with my Knight for this needs a strong man whose values are aristocratic and motives pure. So I paused the Tarot reading and moved the Knight in a position where the Hierophant could whisper inspiration into the soul of the Knight and await further orders from the Headquarters of the Secret Throne.

I returned to my reading knowing that another Tarot Card was needed to seal the manifestation of the sweep that would result in a Triad of Force that had altered the course of my present plan. I moved slowly and carefully to invoke the Force of the Hierophant and the Chariot, concentrating carefully as not upset the balance of nature with my act of supreme mystical balance.

Here the magick took a surprising turn for the Queen of Disks arose from the Deck. My soul leaped with joy as I partook of her wealth for her armour is made from gold coins and her Staff hath a Star Jewel which she uses to touch the forehead of men with the magick of the economy of spirit so that the world never becomes bankrupt in its travel to balance the wealth of their souls with the wealth of their spirit.

Oh how I laughed.

For I knew now the truth. She is water of earth and as everybody knows, rules from the 21st degree of Sagittarius to the 20th degree of Capricornus. And now I could speak wisdom to my positioned Knight. He was to adjust the economy by using her force so that a great fortune from across the sea could be bestowed upon me.

Yes, the Queen of Disks with her ancient helmet which hath the horns of markhor never gazes upon the seeker. She sees through the eyes of a goat which turns its head to and fro judging the purity of your request. Yes, the Queen of Disks was precisely what was necessary to make this divination alter the course of my war plan.

So then I called upon the Spirits to seal the pact of this magick, commanding them by the Sign and the Name of the Sun-God, so they could arise from the silence of their hereafter and perform duty to My Holy Throne.

Having completed my evening divination, and fierce battle to my foes, I bathed and clapped my hands for two concubines to dance naked before me and await this treasure to arrive from the sea.

Love is the law, love under will