Who to avoid

written by David Bersson

My disciples are proud and beautiful; they are strong and swift; they rule their way like mighty conquerors. The weak, the timid, the imperfect, the cowardly, the poor, the tearful — these are mine enemies, and I am come to destroy them. This also is compassion: an end to the sickness of earth. A rooting-out of the weeds: a watering of the flowers. O my children, ye are more beautiful than the flowers: ye must not fade in your season. I love you; I would sprinkle you with the divine dew of immortality. This immortality is no vain hope beyond the grave: I offer you the certain consciousness of bliss. I offer it at once, on earth; before an hour hath struck upon the bell, ye shall be with Me in the Abodes that are beyond Decay. Also I give you power earthly and joy earthly; wealth, and health, and length of days. Adoration and love shall cling to your feet, and twine around your heart.
Confer Liber Tzaddi, lines 24 - 31

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

After recently observing some young Thelemites in an interview where they had questions fired at them I was overall very impressed on their answers.

One the most intriguing questions was when the interview inquired of who to avoid. Thelemites have had issues with each other and even magical battles have broken out over the past five decades. This essay is not an essay to name names or to know and destroy traitors but to give my perspective on these conflicts.

“as brothers fight ye” has dual meaning. We have one Thelemite who absolutely proclaims that the line means all Thelemites should fight against those common enemies. Some, who move to the left wing or are simply mentally disturbed spend all their lives fighting everyone around them going so far as to slander those out of ego where they mistake it for virtue where they not only stifle their own growth but make any number of enemies, unnecessarily.

Although I seem to be somewhere in-between of both interpretations of the line I have my own parameters. I emphasized elsewhere that unless they failed or betrayed the Hierarchy and Order I am involved with; I would have insufficient data to be in a position to judge them. Thus far, no Thelemic Union in any sense of its true vision can exist so early in the Aeon. Moreover, this is something of a strength where we are so spread out that we are passed unnoticed by those who would actively persecute us. Indeed, those who attempt a Thelemic Union are those of some wisdom and although they openly act seem to act hypocritically; I cannot criticize them. After all, in spite of some sloppiness of approach being too young to be discreet; they are, after all, at least to be commended on their vision. If they arise to higher initiations they might know magically what to do. On the other hand, most of them who seem so viciously hostile if common enemies were to persecute them I would be the first to offer them sanctuary. On the other hand, those who have betrayed Hierarchy and Order that I have been involved with; betrayed, resigned, were expelled or cut contact with I must adhere to the instructions of My Instructor never to associate with them again in this lifetime. How contradictory it might seem to the casual observer that someone who might of slandered Me; yet really did Me no injustice I would honor while the student that I once knew personally would be avoided.

My Instructor, who was a kind and good man made more enemies that me but as Karl Germer’s successor with lower initiates objecting to this truth he might of seemed to be somewhat overbearing. He was not pleased that Mrs. Germer’s letter to him after Mr. Germer’s death was not taken seriously. Yet, all that is done with now where I carry the Torch in spite of all the conflict that occurred from those who opposed him. Yet, his sanity, high initiation, sublime insights and careful instruction never crossed over to cruelty which is the vice of slaves; even as compassion is the vice of kings. I vowed to create an Empire of Initiates such as this world as never seen shortly after my instructor’s death. Of course, although I smiled at the hostile reactions of dedicated enemies I knew they were too weak and stupid to know who they were dealing with. After all, I went back further than they knew and of course I did not want to let on the level of fire that existed within me. You simply cannot instruct students properly when they feel this pesky tendency to wonder about you; or even fear you outright. I do not like to be feared where it interferes with my instructions. That old; “disobedience shall be answered by death” being the "Whip of Asar" attitude is always counterproductive to official training. Fear motivation is not the protocol and to be strictly countered by “love under will”. This is a glorious lesson for someone like myself whose raw aggressiveness must be placed under the control of very real self discipline. “love under will” is a glorious metaphysical concept being proof for Myself at the absolute glory of the wisdom of the New Aeon. In addition, to view Infinity as the Goddess means no longer would be the danger of insanity from viewing the Infinite. At last, the formula be “Unto Nuit” in balance with Hadit, the concentrated point of experience corrects the otherwise obscure and incomplete generalization of the balance of microcosm with macrocosm. How glorious this is where this issue is finally brought to the surface and resolved for initiates. Prior to the Law of Θελημα we viewed the Emerald Tablet as the only clue and we really, really thought that was the secret of universe. Of course, I will not deny that the Emerald Tablet was a stepping stone it is only the preliminary meditation yet unresolved where the Law of Θελημα is completely of the Supernal where initiation undreamed of exists and continues to exist throughout lifetimes.

How convenient that my breed have a place where “as brothers fight ye” I can actually associate with those who would understand where previously any number of idiot speculations have hindered us from giving the lecture as we would so unhindered in our candor would so boldly present it.

Of course, I can give you the gift of My strength magically but only if you are worthy of it; or have become magnet of its magical energy to receive it. Yet, another magical secret that no matter how you think you can understand it you sink beneath the fragile ice of your inexperience to try to comprehend it fully without raw experience. Play silly games and get stupid prizes. Stay steadfast with sincere dedication and I will give you precisely what is coming for you. Enough said.

I have always considered myself a thousandfold more terrible; extremely aggressive, a mighty and terrible one who must observe caution not to cross the line. So, as kind and thoughtful as my Instructor was My school of thought must be given with the concentrated caution of an Initiate lurking and withdrawing at those key moments on the path. Naturally, those who yet are alive to object to my existence might think that I view; “as brothers fight ye” from the left side of darkness. This I must proclaim is not so at all. I actually agree with the woman in the interview who wisely answered that she would be tacky to reply to such a question. After all, being a Thelemite she really did seem to adhere to the lurk and withdraw where her answer was viewed as avoiding those gross outbursts that would lower the entire conversation to the Qliphoth. You can be assured that I did not turn out the way I turned out after so many decades as a consequence of any specific instruction from my instructor with regards to force and fire. I do have some secrets; and they go back farther than I have let on to others other than those who are established firmly with dedication in the Secret Circle. In fact, I have many, many, many more surprises ahead. For My next magical gesture, behold, as I do magick before your very eyes! Abrahadabra!

Clearly, when I became a Thelemite in 1972 e.v. I needed a proper instructor and it took some time for it all to fall into place where by 1976 e.v. my karma was established to find those balances with my inner being to understand my path for the right decisions. I look at my old diaries astounded that nearly everything I was experiencing was actually important lessons. How impossible that such magick could even exist on such a sublime scale with the 93 Current. How delighted I am that it was all so very impossible. How impossible it would of seemed if I would try to explain to my self back then how important all those experiences would be for me. All those years previously where I wandered I found a direction with the Great Work. In addition, finding those of like blood was inspiration in itself. “as brothers fight ye” even in my early days of the Thelemic Path was right wing although it might not of seemed so when all the conflicts were flying everywhere in the eighties e.v..

So, the question from the interviewer on who to avoid was an excellent question. Yet, such a perspective need not create conflict. Let me tell you who the real enemy is. It is those who are Cursed in the Third Chapter where if you ignore those who have personally not been an upbringing that stifled your freedom in your youth; they gain demonic force.

It should otherwise be clarified that trying to explain who We are to those who persistently jump to false conclusions with the Law of Θελημα will be very difficult. So, observe caution on who you criticize for the dangers of the “manyhood bound and loathing” aka “the herd mentality” are not going to cease unless you lurk and withdraw when you need to. Eventually unless you delay the inevitable by moving with the proper time of lurking someone will eventually announce that people are coming for you, bad people, and they will stop at nothing for we already know from history what occurred in the past. “as brothers fight ye” taken with its right wing interpretation means survival.

They will not comfort you. They will come for you! For behold:
Eventually, they will come for you
either for advice on the work of initiations or even with hostility. Mark my words now, yea, mark My words. Several hundred years from now they will come for us or even sooner. It is inevitable. Ask Me again in fifty years; meanwhile, I urge you to be ready. For behold, “as brothers fight ye” has the wisdom of survival if you take its meaning and those who would take its left wing meaning will like a retired slumlord who has no memories of friends but the sick delight of senseless ego gratifications dying in their misery where being remembered at least four seconds after their death everyone breaths a breath of relief that such stupidity has ceased its last foul words of slander. Let them piss blood in hell, for all I care, for such ignorance of who they thought the enemy was made their entire life, not Great Work, but a foolish puppet of the black brothers.

Knowing who to avoid with minimum friction is essential. It is early enough in the Aeon to prepare to train the best and early enough to prepare for the worst.

Love is the law, love under will