Something is coming

written by David Bersson

Behold, I am yesterday, to-day, and the brother of The Morrow!
I am born again and again. Mine is the unseen force from which
the Gods are sprung; that giveth life unto the dwellers in the watch-towers of the universe.
I am the charioteer of the East, Lord of the Past and the Future.
I see by mine own inward light; Lord of Resurrection, who cometh
forth from the dusk, and whose birth is from the House of Death.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Well, my trembling gazelle, my flower of evening love, my rose of Sharon, my glorious Priestess, my dance partner of eternity, it seems this latest question from you what is coming shall be answered in some detail, my pretty, for after all unless I show you its reality how may you know the dancer from the dance? Now then, what matter of a brand of magick is this being released into this earth? Why yes, my pretty, let us give fare well to the old Aeon.
Osiris was a black god.

And so it begins where it ended long ago; and where long ago it ended shall begin a beginning more fulfilling than the last Ceremony shall the truth of the Equinox of the Gods give new knowledge that goes from streams of fresh water wherein gold nuggets of wisdom shall be bestowed upon the multitudes of the worthy. This is a new Ceremony; although aligned to that which was in past reformulated means a new Aeon of Wonders.

The entire human race need not perceive themselves as nothing but a pack of cards to be shuffled and reshuffled with no arrangement nor direction. For we have shown you how deep and sublime the rabbit hole of the secret self has become as the True Self awakens you to fresh glories of the True Will. How many times has the bridge to the city of angels been burnt by the lords of iniquity? Let not those who would stifle you from your True Self be hindered by those whose old Aeon grumbles have made them demon incarnate to your aspirations to the higher permit them to enter your sacred sanctuary of spiritual adventures. Heed not the words of those possessed by those old demons of catastrophe but arise to the Aeon of the natural growth of the child where crowned and conquering you arise with strength and valor to every ordeal. How unsettling it is to see know what lies latent within the depths of your being like an ancient dragon that has not awakened being stifled by those who permitted the conquering spirit to be feared rather than awakened in its glory.

Is it not written?:

They shaped Ecstasy as a spear, and pierced the ancient dragon that sat upon the stagnant water. Then the fresh springs were unloosed, that the folk athirst might be at ease.

Who among you have grow weary of the idiot pranks of surface? Whose mouths are dry with the thirst of aspiration unto the higher trying to bring you down to their level? Ah yes, these idiot pranks are known to Me; and I shall counter them by words of inspiration for who would have ears to hear. Behold the power of My magick wand as I let loose the lightnings of the spiritual warrior of the west.

I present this earth a magick beyond the petty aspirations of your machines, above the morals of your dogmatic obsessions, beyond the laws of your primitive forms of Government, where I cast aside the genuflect mentality of the false perceptions of monotheists to enter a realm filled with light and darkness, saturated with lust and pride, energized with magical powers beyond the wildest dreams of any who have permitted themselves soapbox in the petty hallways of mundane philosophy.

Look around you and watch the changes occur. The Czechoslovakian Wizard has once again has climbed Rip mountain to awaken the ancient and most holy force of Veles and Perun even as the ancient divination from glorious Dola is whispered into the ears of villagers Her ancient wisdom.

See the Lithuanian Sorcerer once again send his elemental the black rooster to planes of existence previously not tread in centuries to do his bidding.

The ancient Greek Master has returned to the ancient Temple of Pan where His Night has stirred the ashes of the ancient bonfire where the spiritual sex orgies of the wood are said to exist yet again.

Behold, the Priestess of Odin has arisen with a mighty sword in Norway. Her ivory skin and with blue eyes of flashing life and light quicken the darkness as she arises with warrior spirit paying homage to her glorious Nordic Gods. See her naked raw courage, the pride of her ancestors and yet again, the ancient ceremonies bring glory to all. She has struck the earth with her spear chanting the ancient words of her Gods; and the banquets of Asgard are shared yet again with the spiritual descendants of those who yet again arise even as glorious times of old. Behold, she who is queen of the sorcerers of Hel.

(Rather a controversial observation, don’t you think? Where Christianity claimed to eliminate sin. Well, sin yet exists. On the other hand, Odin stated He would eliminate the ice giants. Well, you don’t see any ice giants anymore, now do you?)

Behold, the ancient and most holy secret sanctuary of the polytheistic Queen of Armenia has gathered her royal court for worship of Ar and Tir. Again, the holy water is sprinkled upon the stranger that the Gods shall speak through the universal life from the words of the wanderer of the waste.

Behold, the witch woman of ancient Britain has opened a book of shadows where the whore Priestess of Stonehenge shall meet with the horned one who once feared by the worshipers of the dead man are forever lost in the forest of their own dogmatic confusion. See them awaken their Gods; even as times long past.

Something is coming. Something has changed. Something beyond the planes of geometry of anything you ever dreamed of. The New Age has arrived and with it shall be a new magick where the secrets that were secrets are no longer secrets but Nu secrets of the dawning of the age of new glories.

Behold, the paradox of the word is its corruption; and yet again the Egg is implanted upon the Phoenix Nest – a new Word with a New Aeon and a new Magus beyond the previous knowledge of what was shall be an Age of Wonders!

Behold, the whore of Babalon has awakened in the heart of a woman and She has drank the blood of the saints.

Arise, and know of the mystic walk wherein the old way of travel has become the experience of the mystic trek to new spiritual adventures. Let those who would sit idle in their dilapidated thrones of imagination not countered by the reality of experience die their death of false visions. For volition must energize the holy words or you will endure the pain of the lower back of inconsistent ratio while the wandering prince courts the daughter of the king you and you and you who have forgotten your soul do not dream that becomes the aspiration that becomes that glory of True Will that truly; becomes you as the reality that becomes the reality but are enslaved by your own delusion of what smell, touch, and laughter of the glory of nature is lost in a nightmare of averse obsessions. Were you then then, told to beware of the breasts of a strange woman only to dance alone in the far corners of desolation? Say it is not so!

Arise, I proclaim, and devour the banquets of the world.

Love is the law, love under will