Dangerous Astrological Tendencies

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

For those who enjoy following Astrology I should warn you right from the start that I do have Pluto in twenty four degrees of Leo which means a possibility always exists ominously that I’ll make a ghost of him that lets me.

Perhaps it is necessary to also comment that none of this manifests in physical violence although my rivals are always warning naive novices on the Path that at any time I might do something insane and to stay away from me. The motive from such slanderers is to try to stifle me, condemn me, write my life’s work off in one sentence, or if they are a real moron tell everyone they suspect my motivations! It has been nearly fifty years since I chose to become a Thelemite so it should not be particularly surprising that I have seen some controversial people try to destroy me. One individual, a failed Probationer from my Lineage who condemned me in his book claiming that when I vibrated Divine Names in Ritual I was annoying tried to destroy me with some weak magic but I hardly felt a thing. After all, he hadn’t done much magick during his lifetime and never built up any magical power where he chose heroin and his family religion over the Great Work. When criticized by his Superior for his stupidity he naturally whined like a little child and tried to accuse his immediate Superior of being an evil Nazi type. This is typical of the type of mentality that junkies will rationalize who never embrace the supernal and end up with the voices of the abyss instead of their Holy Guardian Angel.

I smiled when I heard he had died. He was little use alive and his Tarot Card was the Queen of Cups where his main motive was to gather around him dupes to feed his ego or find more Heroin. What pleasure it was to hear that someone who wasted his entire life passing himself off as a Thelemite and slandered me was now dead! Oh. Oh. Could some truth exist where dangerous astrological tendencies exist? That Pluto in twenty four degrees in Leo does make me the type that would have such controversial thoughts. Fortunately for the world I have Virgo rising where I naturally think things out and I am not ruled by my emotions. With myself, if someone tells me to have a nice day I am tempted to tell them back who the blazes are you to tell me what type of day to have. Clearly, such a fool is trying to make me a slave to his school of thought and robotic routine!! With Virgo rising I am able to Lurk and Withdraw waiting for him to attempt the next step in his callous scam.

It should be apparent to those of my age group that the art of conversation is somewhat hindered in these times of emerging technologies where those who slander me actually meet me face to face they are less brave then when they challenge on Twitter, forums or equally ridiculous forms of communication that would so totally compromise behavior and exchange.

I am fortunate in a way that my enemies have not anticipated. Those who read my essays will hear of me and decide to see for themselves how evil a sorcerer I am. When reading my essays the strong and good decide whether my self discipline makes me a better choice than organizations trying to build that have been created by failed Probationers of my Hierarchy or those who have no lineage, training from Superiors and so forth. As a peculiar twist of events it, simultaneously, keeps away weak fools who wouldn’t last a week under the Hierarchy without squealing in torment that we actually audit your magical record with real red ink. Fortify the fit and eliminate the unfit is far too risky a motto for such cowards who will not adventure a moment without walking past an elementary school without body armor shivering in anticipation of the horrors of deadly odds against them moving past to the safety of their triple locked mentalities.

Such cowards simply ignore the insights on the True Will, True Self, being a star upon their course to discover the True path for themselves. They forget everything they are supposed to have allegedly learned where the ego takes control of their ruach and they go ballistic with stupid accusations against my person. The past ten years has been a lot calmer as these rivals either have died, gone insane or drifted away from the Great Work altogether. Or perhaps I have simply outlived my enemies and the newer generation of Thelemites simply perceive me as an anomaly that is a temporary fixture in their collection of what is brand new territory with regards to curiosity of elder Thelemites. I am painfully aware that many of them will go through ordeals and initiations eventually that parallel all Thelemites who aspire to the higher but I know if I emphasized such a reality they wouldn’t believe me and have to find out for themselves. Knowing the common denominator of normal ordeals means I may make severe the ordeals by bringing it all on as a test. I will not state anymore of this so I can give out pleasant surprises. One real hint is that the jealousy ordeals and relationship ordeals are the first to manifest as you awaken the 93 Current. When they fail in the Hierarchy with the relationship ordeals it is always a relief to see their immature and ridiculous machinations gone from the Circle. How vicious I might seem to them as I smile at them when they try to have a conversation when I inform them they are barred for life when they resign. Again, is it my dangerous astrology chart or am I simply following the rules as laid down by the Master Therion regarding the process of audit, discipline and Hierarchy? Those who join us and succeed would, of course, see it all from the perspective of their success being their proof. Those who fail are going to rationalize it all on their Superiors. Success is your proof, failure is your exposure.

Included worthy of mention is how social relations will be in development for them where relationships will always meet with the usual jealousy ordeals. I can only be equally fascinated by how the newest generation of Thelemites are turning out. Those who can be controlled are controlled as usual, and those who are of us will understand the wisdom of the four powers of the Sphinx.

Naturally, if you do not look carefully at me you will not see Me. After all, trying to judge a researcher, for example for one published science paper cannot be fair to his entire life of experiment. This would be like trying to judge an elderly artist from a drawing in elementary school. Yet, this has been the pattern of those who criticize my Great Work and path.

I am fortunate that a sufficient number of aspirants actually read what I have to write in an essay prior to such proclamations and will join our Hierarchy not based on what others think of me but the Path that I have truly led all these decades.

Well, this essay should get an array of letters. I most certainly have had my obsessions with weeks of astrology charts only to set it all to the side for months where I am so burnt out with it all that I cannot go back to it for quite some time. You can be assured that I do not do astrology charts unless I feel like it so do not request them from me. Go to someone who does it professionally and pay their price.

I state this to assure interested readers of my articles that I have not written this to make money on astrology charts but to emphasize the irony of its parallels for my particulars.

Love is the law, love under will