Racial Initiation

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

We, as initiates, define racial initiation as an evolution of the entire race. The word “racial” has no negative connotations or implications of bias toward race. We mean “racial” in the sense of the human race or humanity.

Initiation is not will itself but the equation of will and energy added together with the proper insight that produces a new evolutionary strain in the consciousness. No doubt this is the accumulation of "truth" in gestalt manifesting into the assimilation of awareness of more planes of perception. This “truth” is the necessity of the True Will of the entire race. Depending on the necessity of the universal life the Great Work of the manifestation differs. Partaking of the Essence from the Path of love comes directly from the Great Will. The universe is changing and so change means the Magical Gesture to be delegated shall vary.

Where does Initiation lead? It will lead to a new reality, a new confidence, a fresh influx of energy and a new pattern with the evolutionary wave of humanity itself. This has been named by Adepts in the past as "Racial Initiation". In theory, Racial Initiation cannot be directly influenced by the mere Adept who cannot exist in the primal life as a Master in Binah. So I repeat the question of where initiation leads knowing a multitude of planes might mean recoil before it manifests properly into phenomenal existence. The answer changes as the universe changes.

Therefore, a Master of the Temple in Binah is a Hierophant of Initiation of the entire human race when initiation is manifesting in the all.

Moreover, a mere Adept can only be an Instrument for the Master. The Adept's work, though he or she like it not is to use the existing forces that manifest from the primal urges of the original will of the Master and the Magus. With a black brother he or she is one of the"slaves that serves" and for the Adept doing the Will of the Hierarchy he or she is a "servant of the star & snake."

This is the paradox of Initiation, that despite the manifestation of energy or even the level of energy we have the factor infinite & unknown. An even Higher Magick is guiding the mere Master and Adept.

For the mysteries of the Magus are not even known to the Master of the Temple who has no right as yet to enter His Temple without permission.

We only know that He Speaketh and there is a Blessing and a Curse as the Word manifests into the lower worlds.

The most sublime school of thought of the greatest of all the Exempt Adepts is still below the abyss and subject to dispersion. And every school of thought on every plane will be roads that create understanding of the manifestation of will.

Yes, the Adept can be original but he or she is subject to the Laws of Nature as they are expounded for the Rules of the Aeon.

Love is the law, love under will