written by David Bersson
in 2007 e.v.


written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It is very important to choose carefully with regards to a magical motto. The magical motto should be an expression of aspiration toward Initiation. And whatever magical motto you choose you will find that you partake of its essence.

Many years ago, I choose the name 'Sphinx' for my O.T.O. motto and I kept this motto since so many spiritual revelations were unfolded concerning my Path. I did indeed partake of its essence and when the higher Initiations began to occur I understood 'Sphinx' as a symbol of the divine spirit manifesting into the animal soul and awakening the 'Sphinx of the Gods'. While I will not go into details of this Initiation, I will point out that my original motto in the O.T.O. created a dramatic ritual which I traveled on the Path of my life's experience.

I must reiterate that your choice of motto is going to determine your Path. You are, in fact, invoking a real force when you take a motto and identify with it. An Adept once told me many years ago, "you are what you invoke". And I might add, that you are what you name yourself in regards to magical mottos. Let me give you two case examples of real aspirants falling from the wrong choice. Several cases in memory have met with disaster from not perceiving this basic principle. And these examples, I promise you, actually exist or have existed in my lifetime. Learn from them.

One aspirant, whose arrogant presumption was nearly exceeded by his insulting behavior took the name of "333". After daring to partake of the dispersion of the abyss he fell from the Path completely to live his days (if you could call this life) gossiping and lying about anyone who was honest and sincere on the Path. Now this "Frater 333" has his tongue so far up the asshole of Choronzon that he cannot stop talking long enough to hear anything spiritual anymore.

Another aspirant, thought he would try and be clever and call himself "deadfish". I personally demanded he give me an explanation for this name. "Frater Deadfish" proudly proclaimed it means "christ on rye". His clever answer showed me he had chosen this name not to identify it with his spiritual Path as he was originally instructed, but to show off to friends that were equally as "creepy" as he. And of course, he continues to float around in the stagnant waters of his idiocy, where he will be eventually swallowed up by the shark called disordered nephesh.

Whatever magical order you join, you will more often than not, be requested to choose a magical motto. And it will be the epitome of common sense to choose a motto that dwells in essence with the supernals rather than the demon world.

And may you, who read this, heed this warning and partake of the purity and sanctity of Thelemic Adepthood in this lifetime.

Love is the law, love under will