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Lecture on the development of concentration

Written by David Bersson
aka Frater ☥
on April 30th, An CXIV 2017 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

You can be assured that with regards to our A∴A∴ Lineage we proceed with the Great Work in much the same manner as was passed on to me with my years of training from my Superior in the A∴A∴ who was Marcelo Motta. It is entirely possible that the Jane Wolfe Lineage of the A∴A∴ or some other A∴A∴ Lineage that I haven't heard of might proceed differently. What is important is to proceed as my Instructor directed me. Those accusations that I run my students with Holy Tasks ragged is clearly a false accusation meant to sway others from our training with magick and initiation. The truth of the matter should be radiantly obvious. Those who become a Probationer of the A∴A∴ and actually do the practices in a sincere attempt to fulfill their Oath & Task really do gain Knowledge & Conversation of the A∴A∴. Let it not be misunderstood the seriousness of our endeavor. For the Great Reward will become the Great Recoil for those who take the Oath & Task lightly. We actually took Aleister Crowley seriously with these words:

"Fortify the fit & eliminate the unfit".

My reputation as an A∴A∴ Instructor who actually took Marcelo Motta seriously with regards to discipline and development of Hierarchy has been typical of those who try to object that I am too severe. Others have taken to label me some sort of sadist who delights in the suffering of others or is dishing out a mean, cruel attitude that was bestowed upon me and therefore it is my turn to be cruel and sadistic to others.

Beware fireworks!! Those who dwelt among me as brother or sister who became failed Probationers are especially interested in what I am up to who still cannot believe that I succeeded where they failed. Naturally, a list of these failures is clearly a waste of time, and most of them were already unmasked publicly long ago. It hadn't occurred to me so many years ago that I would have those who I once honored and respected have such an attitude or reaction.

I was in good standing with Marcelo Motta at the time of his death! Those who are failed Probationers who knew me years ago must live with this horrifying reality.

Well, in my particular case I did succeed where others failed. I know the pain & suffering that has been the reaction of these brothers & sisters who failed when they find out what Grades I attained in the O.T.O. and A∴A∴. Again, it is a waste of time to list them.

What is NOT a waste of time is to encourage new aspirants to develop their concentration.

So bearing all I have already written you must realize that concentration might very well mean the difference between becoming like those I knew in the past in the Hierarchy who failed, and were eliminated as unfit. Or success being your proof as you develop into a real initiate and magician. Without a doubt, success will be your proof or if you do not listen to Me now failure will be your exposure.

I urge all to begin exercises with the tatwas to develop the concentration! Let it be noted that the tatwas in Equinox Vol. 1, no. 4 are not in color. For those students using this as an excuse not to not work with Liber E, Section V, called "Dharana - Control of Thought" you will simply have to create another excuse or obstacle.

Having given this publicly; I thereby have eliminated an excuse for students not enthusiastically tackling Dharana with renewed vigor giving further proof -as rumors would have it - that I run my students ragged with impossible Holy Tasks.

Love is the law, love under will