The Building of the Hierarchy
written by David Bersson aka Frater Ankh on May 2nd, An CXIV 2017 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

So much has been written in various places and too much has been spoken among those of the lower Grades on those who, having been blasted from Our circle trying to claim this or that initiation it all seems to really worn out garment that does become a bit tedious to keep elaborating upon. It is all too obvious the scenario trying to work itself over and over almost as an image of a mechanical current going back and forth with no little monotony. Yes, well. Now that we've sufficiently rattled on about the unfit lets move on to other side of the coin where we speak of roses that have bloomed rather than the deadwood that we permitted to drift away from the shores of success.

What seems to be forgotten by those who rattle on about others they have forgotten something that should be seriously meditated upon. The conversation moves to the issues of the unfit and through all the chaos of these voices of the abyss you forget the the fit must be fortified. It is easier, of course, to eliminate the unfit. It is much more complex when you are, after all, reviewing the curriculum to assure that the fortification of the fit includes insights into concentrating on the priorities of the training of each Grade. You can list the A∴A∴ curriculum in a hundred places what the work or studies are for each Grade and not touch upon one single insight on what really occurs in the Hierarchy. The key is to know what the next initiation will be that oversees its very real process. I presume that this is impossible to comprehend until you can partake of the essence of the Universal Life after the ordeal of the abyss. For no one can see the top of the mountain living in the shadows of the valley.

I really do know what I'm doing from experience with regards to the process of fortifying the fit. It is otherwise now time after all these years to attempt to give insight on how nothing can be understood with these minor little fights in the pub where no one knows who started the fight, whether the police should be called, and what the fight was all about. To give this greater vision you must note that the tendency to observe one petty incident or ordeal being worked out cannot divine the overall picture with regards to what the Immediate Superior is really testing you with. Knowing magically what to do means you do not know that you know and test not realizing it is a test until later you realize what the test was. After all, you are under the shadow of the wings!!

Years ago I observed that I was under the instruction of a Master of the Temple. I had read Liber 418 carefully and I realized that I was observing the Tending of the Garden. By the time I had advanced to Neophyte I was yet observing it all from too low a plane of geometry to comprehend the consequences of the future of building a Hierarchy where the complexities of a Station in Hierarchy would not be considered stagnation. I had only read & studied Liber 185 back then with regards to the lower Grades of the A∴A∴. Certain document(s) with regards to higher Grades of the A∴A∴ with regards to insights of Oath & Task had not been passed on to me at that time nor permitted to be in my possession.

(I remember writing a letter over and over and over to my A∴A∴ Superior and discarding it until the waste basket was filled with crumbled sheets mumbling how long will be before I am trusted, is this letter going to get me cut with, when will I be given more insight & lecture on the secrets from Emblems & Modes, will I have all the secret documents that Karl Germer passed on to my Superior before he goes to the Greater Feast, and on and on and on. I was hardly considering the fortification of the fit during my instruction from my Superior where I was yet still trying to prove that I was truly fit!!!)

This made me in no position to understand the process or perhaps consequence of such a hypothetical concept of a developed Hierarchy in the unknown future which had no basis for insight having no data of the overall structure. My real clue to the overall puzzle was knowing that a Master was tending His Garden and no one knew on what day a flower would bloom. I can only refer the serious student to Liber DCCCXIII, Chapter V, verse 8 where the only hint is partaking of the spiritual essence yet trying to explain the insight on a higher plane you cannot deliver it to yourself. Back then, I observed the tending of the Garden from the perspective of A∴A∴ of GD. What in the Sephira or Sephiroth it was all about higher than my Grade I do not seem to of realized. At least, when I study my old diaries I do not see anything in my old records where I was considering the roses blooming and not the thorns giving ordeal.

All those writings I created with regards to the latent magical powers was from pragmatic magical gesture which only an Adept Major can know where the Holy Oath & Task involves the schools of perception of magical power. I give this as an example on how far I had to go before the intricacies of the building of a Hierarchy were possible.

Well, it has been a glorious Path since I signed my first Oath & Task in 1976 e.v.. You should not mistake those ordeals I was given as wasted effort on my Superior's behalf. His tests were quite real and all of it was very real experience to assure I was going to learn what to do to fortify the fit and develop the Hierarchy where no doubts of the aspirant's grade would exist. When I write of my ordeals in the Order I most certainly never meant to imply that it was all thorns. It is entirely clear now, that it is a paradoxical part of the ordeal to hear what I have experienced shall be to see if you run for cover like a coward rationalizing it all away as an ego trying to enslave or a Master trying to test and initiate.

Years ago I was passed on a great number of Probationers from Marcelo Motta and the letters that directed this was passed on to students as proof of the incident. What had occurred is a brother who I once respected was caught stealing and ran away. When Marcelo Motta realized that he had left all his Probationers in limbo he passed on all these Probationers to me. This is where it really began with my experience with the building of a Hierarchy where I was suddenly saddled on the horse as Instructor for many new Probationers and one of them was my ex wife in New Orleans!!! Incidentally, that person who was caught for stealing who ran away eventually died of a heroin overdose some years later.

All these many Probationers back then really did force my hand. I would have questions given to me and not knowing that they were patronizing me with ruach masturbation being too inexperienced I would carefully go study the question and give them details that I would look up. After a time, I realized that they could of easily looked it all up themselves but it was very good for me to go to the extra effort which assisted me to refresh my studies and add new insights. It was all an excellent learning experience. That day, that day where I passed my first Probationer to Neophyte was a glorious day.

So the building of the Hierarchy is a very real process which has its spiritual goal to assure that the supernal is real in the initiate, and honesty prevails within the body of mutual exchange, and health would exist rather than the illness of dis - ease.

For, we cannot permit what occurred with the old Golden Dawn and let ourselves become that most disastrous of consequences. That is, the painful deterioration of supernal manifestation where the Order no longer initiates.

Confer Liber LXI and realize why it is read to every new Probationer. Liber LXI being the first official voice of the instructor is the first insight toward the building of the Hierarchy.

Love is the law, love under will